PPS Government Affairs Committee Google Discussion Recap

With PPS Annual rapidly approaching the PPS-National Student Special Interest Group is beginning to prepare for what has been rumored to be one of the most inspiring and action-oriented conferences of the year. This year’s annual conference is taking place amidst the beautiful views of Colorado Springs, Colorado and will be the home to private practice members and students from across the country for a week of action packed programming and education.

Last night, Private Practice Sections Government Affairs Committee kicked off their quarterly Google hangout discussions. These discussions are scheduled to take place on the first Monday of every quarter and they are designed to improve transparency among the section and its potential new members. The discussion was lead by Government Affairs Committee member, Brad Grohovsky (@DrG_PT). He was joined by PPS President/BoD liason Tom DiAngelis and GAC Chair John Lockard. For those of us who are fortunate enough to attend PPS Annual this year, President DiAngelis did a wonderful job at setting the tone for this year’s annual conference, ensuring conference attendees a one of a kind experience that you don’t want to miss!

Conference programming includes topics on “managing your business- from front to back end”, “successful practices of successful practices” and “leadership opportunities in PPS,” just to name a few. I am particularly excited to hear from some of those whom I frequently engage with on twitter and at various APTA conferences including:

Rick Gawenda, PT (Gawenda Seminars & Consulting)

Carl DeRosa, PT, PhD, FAPTA

New Jersey’s own, Mike Eisenhart, PT (Pro-Activity Associates)

Jerry Durham, PT (San Francisco Sport & Spine)

Jason Richardson PT, DPT, OCS, COMT (Results Physiotherapy)

Larry Benz, PT, DPT, MBA, OCS, MAPP (PT Development)

Sturdy McKee, PT, MPT (San Francisco Sport & Spine)

Tim Flynn, PT PhD, OCS, FAAOMPT (Colorado Physical Therapy Specialists)


John Childs, PT, PhD, MBA, OCS, FAAOMPT (Evidence in Motion)

PPS annual is also the time where PPS Executive Board elections will take place. This year’s conference is pretty unique in that a new President and Vice-President will be voted into office. Change is large part of any successful organization and the current board and members are excited to bring forth the sections newest leaders. It is also a milestone time for our newly formed PPS-NSSIG as we will be coming together for the first time as an Executive Board to discuss goals and strategies for future development of the NSSIG. As a NSSIG we have some pretty exciting plans in terms of bringing the student voice to the Private Practice Section and we look forward to sharing our experiences with all #DPTstudent(s)

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The inaugural discussion ended with some updates from the congressional fly-in currently taking place in Washington D.C. John Lockard, PPS Government Affairs Committee Chair reported that headway is being made as PPS members and key contacts are working tirelessly on issues such as the Medicare therapy cap, sustainable growth rate, locum tenens, and the removal of physical therapy from the in office ancillary exception. John has urged members to play a role in advocating on behalf of the profession of physical therapy. John left us with a strong message, one that we probably have heard numerous times, but is absolutely worth repeating. “Advocacy is critical to the advancement of our profession”

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Colorado!

TJ Janicky, SPT (@TJ_Janicky)

PPS-NSSIG Vice President

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