WeChat case study

Why do you think WeChat is so popular in China?

WeChat is popular in China for being a strong adaptable App under Chinese laws and regulations, unlike other Apps which were blocked. WeChat was also able to leverage Tencent’s massive QQ user base. Moreover, the app is popular in China for it’s particular preferences and added features, such as:

  • - Mobile payments
  • - The ability to book tickets on the nation’s high-speed rail system
  • - Pay your electricity bill
  • - Hail taxis
  • - Buy goods from e-commerce markets
  • - Run full-blown web apps entirely within the messenger

Other Chinese-language markets like Taiwan and Singapore includes many of the features that made WeChat popular.

  • Which demographic do you think WeChat appeals to the most? Provide evidence for your suggestion.

I feel WeChat appeals to ages 16–44 I (see infographics stats from Google’s Consumer Barometer).

  • Do you think WeChat has potential to be a dominant platform around the world, and why?
  • No, I feel Facebook Messenger, Twitter/Instagram DM’s and WhatsApp already dominant globally with billions of users and can easily add extensions to mimic WeChat capabilities.
  • What lessons can other social media sites/messaging apps learn from WeChat?

Be adaptable to countries particular preferences by finding loopholes in the market to grab a larger/stronger market share. Also be innovative in adding features to keep users from having to leave the app, making it a better ‘home’ for users.

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