Meet, your Co-Founder!

Very recently someone asked me “Why did you have to close your business?!”

Every sole Entrepreneur, CEO or Founder would tell you there are few (or many!) actions that built up to the closure of a business. Actions are decisions in motion, some of these decisions were the underlying reasons that lead my business to seize trading.

Now imagine this, what if you had a Co-Founder in your organisation? Someone to share your pain, provide important advice on critical decisions, celebrate your success or at least can challenge your actions at equal standing!

Considered as the “First Officer” to the CEO a Co-Founder’s task is to empower, support and help see through the decisions made by the CEO

If you can afford someone that has an ability and most importantly the guts to tell you things as they are then by goodness do!

I will not ramble on how to find co-founder as I never had the opportunity but there is one thing you can pick from this, if that potential co-founder frustrates you, challenges you and yet truly complements your successful decisions then that person is the best candidate for your. Take these guys for example: Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google), Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Apple), Evan Williams and Biz Stone (Twitter)

When do you know you need a Co-Founder? Simple, it is when you notice and most importantly acknowledge that you are starting to second guess some of your decisions. So think about it, think hard and often but don’t wait long before it is too late.