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Why I will probably buy 8 copies of the new Gary Vaynerchuck Book!

We consume tons of content every day and frankly speaking 99.5% of it is a waste of time. Often it feels like people only want to sell their shit and want to promote their brand. It is fine to a certain extent and the most natural thing to do. However, most of those “influencers” forget to really create value for their followers.

Most of the time we follow people because we stumble over their content and right in this moment they can touch us and teach us something that we need in that moment. Then they deserve to be followed. In the process of the following weeks most of them disappoint thus. Still, we appreciate the initial advice or help. We are thankful. Nevertheless, it is the continuous value creation that let us hit the “like”-button as if there is no tomorrow.

One of the influencers that shaped my opinions about how I want to do business the most in the last month is Gary Vaynerchuk. Yes, he curses a lot (which I like) and he is bold (which I like even more) and it is not everyone’s preferred way of communication but the messages behind the “fucks” are invaluable. He is one of the few public figures in business focusing on future trends instead of glorifying the past achievements. I can definitively say that I learned more about marketing through his #askgaryvee-Show and his brilliant books than I did in 3 years in university.

The new book is based on user-generated questions that where accumulated over 180 Youtube-shows. I would recommend reading it since it is probably a better way to catch up with the most important bits of the show. Moreover, his energy (or HUSTLE) is enlightening but exhausting to watch if you want to catch up with 180 x 15 min episodes!

I truly believe that when it comes to marketing, people do not want to think new long-term goals. They want revenue and do not understand that “they have to stop to market like it’s 2005” in order to create additional value setting their business up for future challenges. The book or better Gary will show you how to do it thus. It will answer all your questions about business and will inspire you to follow your passions and give everything you have. Even if not, you can ask him your questions yourself for one of the upcoming episodes. Why I know all of this even thus the book is not released, yet? Because I watched all of the 180 shows! BÄM.

Moreover, I am thinking of buying 8 copies on the Super8 Event to give free copies away to people who I believe need to start thinking more like Gary or who will be inspired through him. I do not recommend you to do the same but grap one (Amazon Link below; no affiliate!!) and let me know what you think about it. Will you? Yes? Nice!

Amazon Link: #AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness

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