#nofomo: Stop being afraid of missing out!

Why you have to say no in order to progress

I used this hashtag already before but I believe that #nofomo or not having the fear of missing out (FoMO) is something that is truly something important to get into your heads. That is why I want to write about it again. The hashtag is super provocative and I heard it before in a US talk show. Through it’s resemblance with the #nohomo frat boy mantra, it brings out an edginess that I think mirrors interestingly enough the whole dogma behind the fear of missing out.

Fear of missing out or FoMo is the the “pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent”. It became well known from though the TV Series How I Met Your Mother where it was called the Curse of the Blitz. It showed that the cursed person is always missing the spectacular moments of life and is therefore punished with not being able to talk with peers about the past events.

FoMo: a cultural disease?

The advertising industry often uses this fear to market new technologies or new gismos. With a huge success. AT&T created a campaign where the leading slogan was “Don’t be left behind”. Heineken’s Sunrise campaign was to promote responsible drinking saying that if you have to much you black out and miss the best part of the night. A lot of limited offers employ the FoMO — Strategy. You can’t miss this deal otherwise you will left behind! Who wants that?

Other companies like Nestcafé’s “Wake up to life” campaign developed a tendency to go the other direction. They aimed to promote the reasons why you get up in the morning in order to promote their instant coffee brand. I like that symbolism a lot because I believe that the fear of missing out is hindering us to actually wake up and dive into our life.

In my opinion the constant pressure we perceive from going out every night, always getting new trends and be the first one’s seeing the new movie is distracting us from our real creative power and our ability to do the stuff we actually want to do in life and focus on the stuff that we love. Instead we are focusing on dumb shit that is not bringing us forward. We trade short-term pleasure for long-term satisfaction.

The solution would be to say more often no and actually dive into the work or the stuff YOU like before you follow the lure calls of friends or spending your money on the next fashion gadget that is only there for a short period of time. FOCUS!

#QOTD: Have you ever felt the fear of missing out?

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