Announcing our TMCx8 Digital Health Cohort!

The TMC Innovation Institute will welcome 21 digital health companies into our 8th accelerator cohort on Monday, February 11th! These companies were selected after reviewing over 150 digital health applications and conducting dozens of interviews. Our new X8 cohort of companies demostrate strong potential to impact health outcomes using data and digital platforms.

Our cohort companies share themes based on therapeutic areas of neurology, mental health, and oncology but also application themes of patient experience, hospital efficiency and process improvement, clinical decision support / training, and smart devices. Below is an overview of our new companies starting next week!


Axem Neurotechnology | Halifax, Canada
Axem Neurotechnology gathers functional brain measurements during neurological rehabilitation, aiming to better understand patient rehabilitation following events such as stroke. Their solution has been shown to be a better predictor of individual outcomes to treatment than the assessment of patient movement.

Headsafe | Sydney, Australia
Headsafe is developing a portable, objective, and affordable device to assess brain function, with potential applications in the sports market. Nurochek is a wearable device that measures the brain’s electric activity using EEG, then transmits the information to connected devices.


BetterConsult | Sydney, Australia
BetterConsult sends patients a pre-consultation questionnaire then translates the data into medical notes for clinical review. The tool assesses a patient’s clinical history and presenting information and integrates the medical data into the system’s medical record.

Luma Health | San Francisco, CA
Luma Health provides secure patient-provider chat tools to facilitate conversations including smart waitlists, referral management, actionable reminders, and care pathway messaging. The platform ensures patients get to the care they need quickly, come back for follow-up care, and stay informed and engaged across their own unique healthcare journey.

RD Note | New Orleans, LA
RD Note integrates clinical nutritional data and clinical decision support to improve patient care and drive financial margins. With medical record integration, the tool ensures the inclusion of the appropriate nutritional information such as a possible malnutrition diagnosis.

Ria Health | San Francisco, CA
Ria Health is a telehealth provider that helps people change their relationship with alcohol using an evidence-based, physician-managed program. The company aims to enable more of the 20 million people who think about getting treatment to take action.

Voiceitt | Ramat Gan, Israel
Voiceitt is a speech recognition technology that enables people with speech impairments and disabilities to communicate and be understood by voice. It recognizes non-standard speech and improves the ability to communicate clearly.


Cloud 9| Austin, TX
Cloud 9 is a population mental health network that allows teams of behavioral healthcare providers to share data and communicate more effectively. They endeavor to decrease mental crisis emergency room and jail visits by providing mental health services to benefit stakeholders at the population health level.

Meru Health | Palo Alto, CA
Meru Health is an online specialty clinic offering treatment for symptoms of depression, burnout, and anxiety. Their app connects patients remotely to therapists and psychiatrists and offers personalized and adaptive programs.


Carta Healthcare | San Mateo, CA
Carta Healthcare uses artificial intelligence to automate data abstraction and streamline reporting to clinical registries. Carta also provides recommendations for data driven improvements to make processes more efficient.

PreopMD | Houston, TX
PreopMD streamlines the preoperative experience for patients and clinicians, enabling better monitoring of patient health through the surgical process. Their solution also improves communication between patients and clinicians.

RoundTrip | Philadelphia, PA
RoundTrip is addressing one of the biggest barriers to care: transportation. Their patient ride booking software aims to reduce the frequency of missed or delayed appointments and improve care coordination.

Veta Health | New York, NY
Veta Health aims to improve pathways to value-based care. Their solution uses protocol-driven automated clinical pathways that are responsive to patient inputs. These protocols are based on best practices and continually updated.


GiantLeap | Tel Aviv, Israel
GiantLeap is a gamified assessment and decision support tool for professionals to screen developmental outliers in children. It was designed by renowned researchers and is supported by artificial intelligence.

Iterative Scopes | Cambridge, MA
Iterative Scopes is building a computer aided diagnosis tool for detecting lesions in colonoscopies. Their solution enhances optical detection and predicts severity of lesions.

Virti | London, UK
Virti is using virtual and augmented reality to improve quality, affordability, and access of phycian training. The platform incorporates AI-patients to test clinicians decision making skills.


DosentRx | Beit Shemesh, Israel
DosentRx provides a personalized, patient-controlled device for delivering medication. Their products aim to ensure patient adherence to medication and incorporate patient tracking and engagement.

Penta Medical | Waterloo, Canada
Penta Medical makes a portable cold laser treatments as effective as bulky clinical units. Penta also has a remote patient monitoring platform which provides doctors with daily assessments of the patient’s condition.

Sani nudge | Frederiksberg, Denmark
Sani nudge has developed a connected monitoring system to encourage and improve hand hygiene in hospitals. Their goal is to deliver safer and more efficient environments for caregivers and patients.


Oncora Medical |Philadelphia, PA
Oncora has developed intuitive software tools helps radiation oncologists collect and use real world data about patients and treatments. Their goal is to improve outcomes for cancer patients by providing data to oncologists before, during, and after treatments.

Optellum | Oxford, United Kingdom
Optellum is developing a software for personalized early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. It enables faster lung cancer diagnosis and incorporates AI decision support.

We are excited to share more in-depth details about each of the companies entering the TMCx8 cohort. Starting on February 11th we will begin a series of daily blog posts to highlight each of our new cohort companies for everyone to get to know. More to come!!