Introducing the TMCx Spring 2020 Bootcamp Participants

TMC Innovation
3 min readJan 30, 2020


TMC Innovation is working closely with our member institution stakeholders, focusing on milestones related to long term relationships with these members, and extending the program to help the companies through the development of these relationships.

We are also performing extended diligence in collaboration with our member institution partners, advisor network, and corporate partners. Our next step is to welcome these companies to Houston for two weeks. Together with our community we will assess which of these companies are on track for successful engagements in the world’s largest medical center.

The Bootcamp Attendees Include:

Atlas Health — connecting patients with payment resources // San Francisco, CA // What if your patients had more ways to pay for their care?
CareStarter- automating and scaling care management // Austin, TX // What if you could help patients manage their care?
CaseCtrl — surgical case management platform // Houston, TX // What if you could manage your OR with the precision of an air traffic controller?
DeepScribe — autonomous medical scribe // San Francisco, CA // What if you never had to write another note in your EHR?
Diligent Robotics — clinical robot assistant // Austin, TX // What if a friendly robot brought you medical supplies at the bedside?
Elly — live healthier through positivity // Los Angeles, CA // What if you had a personal coach to manage your chronic condition?
Ferrum — reduce preventable medical errors // San Francisco, CA // What if you could double check every X-ray diagnosis in real time?
GaitIQ — evaluate gait in primary care // San Antonio, TX // What if your walk could predict Alzheimer’s?
HelpWear — clinical grade wearable heart monitor // Toronto, Canada // What if an armband could call an ambulance as you are having a heart attack?
inHEART — where imaging meets electrocardiology // Pessac, France // What if we could overlay a cardiac map without the exposure?
Lantum — total workforce solution for healthcare // London, UK // What if scheduling didn’t suck?
Manatee — connected, everyday therapy for kids // Denver, CO // What if we could empower our kids’ mental health?
Pyrames- continuous, non-invasive blood pressure monitoring // Cupertino, CA // What if we could accurately measure blood pressure in a premature baby’s foot instead of in their arteries?
Radiobotics — automate analysis of routine medical X-rays // Copenhagen, DK // What if we could have radiology reads anywhere?
Repisodic- discharge planning solution // Philadelphia, PA // What if the discharge process was as simple as a click?
Rhaeos — wearable shunt monitor // Evanston, IL // What if we could monitor shunts with a patch on the skin?
Solenic Medical — eliminate biofilm on metallic implants // College Station, TX // What if you could eliminate bacteria from orthopedic implants without drugs or surgery?
TALi — assess and strengthen attention in early childhood // Melbourne, Australia // What if we could manage ADHD with an entertaining game?
Yosi — creating the waiting room of the future // New York, NY // What if we could skip the waiting room?



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