Introducing the TMCx09 Medical Device Cohort Companies


Neurescue | Copenhagen, Denmark

Neurescue has developed a computer-aided aortic occlusion catheter to help save the lives of patients in the emergency care setting.

Venari Medical | Galway, Ireland
Website | Twitter | LinkedIn

Venari Medical is developing BioVena — a medical device that treats varicose veins and venous leg ulcers with a minimally invasive approach intended to reduce pain.

Obsidio | Solana Beach, CA
Website | LinkedIn

Obsidio is developing a universal gel embolic material to shrink lesions or to treat internal bleeds, aneurysms and vascular malformations.


PATH EX| Houston, TX
Website | Twitter | LinkedIn

PATH EX is developing an extracorporeal blood cleansing device designed to selectively remove pathogens, including multi-drug resistant bacteria, and endotoxins from circulating blood to diagnose and treat sepsis.

Innosphere | Hafia, Israel
Website | LinkedIn

Innosphere is a medical device company developing brain stimulation solutions for treating cognitive disorders, with a focus on ADHD.


AbiliTech |St. Paul, MN
Website | LinkedIn

AbiliTech is restoring independence to patients with upper limb neuromuscular conditions by offering a wearable assistive device that allows the user to perform independent activities of daily living.

Komodo OpenLab | Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Website | LinkedIn |Twitter

Komodo OpenLab has developed Tecla, an assistive device giving individuals with physical disabilities the ability to communicate, control, and connect with the world.


CorInnova| Houston, TX
Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

CorInnova has developed a soft robotic non-blood contacting biventricular cardiac assist device for the treatment of heart failure that would eliminate the many adverse events associated with current technologies.

Ictero Medical | Houston, TX
Website | LinkedIn

Ictero Medical is developing a minimally invasive ablation solution to treat high-risk patients with gallstone disease and offer patients the benefits of surgery without the risk.


Artidis | Basel, Switzerland
Website | LinkedIn

Artidis has developed a nanomechanical biomarker technology using precise tissue measurement in combination with data analytics to personalize cancer diagnosis.

Inveox | Munich, Germany
Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

Inveox automates the pre-analytical process in cancer diagnosis to improve patient safety and lab efficiency.


Kegg | San Francisco, CA
Website | LinkedIn |Facebook | Instagram

Kegg is on a mission to simplify every woman’s journey towards taking charge of her fertility with a user-friendly monitoring device.

TestCard | London, UK
Website | LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

TestCard is a flat pack urine test kit that functions in combination with a mobile phone application, turning a phone’s camera into a clinical grade scanner.

Patch’d | New South Wales, Australia & San Francisco, CA
Website |LinkedIn

Patch’d uses deep learning and wearable devices to predict the onset of sepsis in the at-home patient.


Volumetric | Houston, TX
Website | LinkedIn

Volumetric’s 3D bioprinting platform creates materials with living cells with applications in biomaterials, cancer research, and eventually human organ replacements.

Tevosol | Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Website | LinkedIn |Twitter

Tevasol is developing organ transplant transportation solutions. Their portable warm perfusion machines will help surgeons transplant more organs today and solve organ shortage tomorrow.



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