Introducing TMC Innovation’s newest program, TMC | alpha

TMC Innovation
Jun 25 · 3 min read

The mission of Texas Medical Center Innovation is to support innovation with our member institutions. Since 2014, we have pursued the goal of sourcing and supporting the best local, national, and global startups that demonstrated potential value to our member institutions. As we reflect on the last five years, it is clear that we can attract and retain quality innovations. At the same time, we can do more to support our local innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs.

To begin to address this opportunity, we have developed a new program for member institution-affiliated innovators called TMC | alpha. On the third Thursday of every month, TMC Innovation will host opportunities for these innovators to access our support at no cost.

TMC | alpha is a pathway to make TMC Innovation resources more accessible to our member institutions. Innovators will receive actionable feedback from our team and experts in our network in order to progress the development of their ideas, products, and companies. TMC | alpha will include three different types of engagement to provide a customized pathway for innovators including Lunch & Learn, Pitching & Communication, and Coaching & Mentoring.

Lunch & Learn

An inspiring innovator will share their story, impart wisdom from lessons learned, and inspire future innovators. These events will be open to our entire community.

Pitch & Communicate

Innovators with ideas, products, or companies will share their story with our team. We will in turn provide feedback, connect innovators with relevant experts, and recommend next steps toward commercialization. These will not be in a public forum, but we do encourage innovators to file intellectual property before participating when appropriate.

Mentoring & Coaching

Innovators will have scheduled 1-on-1 time reserved with our TMC Innovation team to talk through the fundamental business principles surrounding the technology. This is an ideal first touch point for people seeking to better understand how TMC Innovation can support them as well as for those a bit further along in their business/product development who are seeking ongoing coaching for their business development.

Who is eligible for TMC | alpha?

TMC Innovation is committed to supporting our member institutions. Therefore, individuals who are employed by or have an appointment with a TMC Member Institution are eligible to participate. A full list of member institutions can be found here:

How do I get started?

An easy way to get started is to attend our Lunch and Learn to meet up our team and other like-minded individuals in the community. For those interested in the pitch or mentoring sessions, please inquire by emailing

How do I protect my idea?

These sessions are not intended to put your idea at risk. In fact, in these sessions we will not discuss the technological mechanisms in detail. However, we strongly encourage you to reach out to your institutional technology transfer office if you have any questions or concerns.

What will be discussed?

Our team will focus on providing support around the business development considerations of the idea in areas such as clinical unmet need, market opportunity, stakeholder analyses, clinical workflow, regulatory considerations, legal/security/compliance, sales, reimbursement, product development, effective communication, and team.

What is the cost?

All of these sessions are free. We do request some of your valuable time to join us at TMC Innovation.

When is the first event?

When: Thursday, July 18th
Where: TMC Innovation, X17 Boardroom
Time: 12:00pm-5:00pm
Register HERE
Questions? Email

We hope you will join us at our next TMC | alpha event! Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Eventbrite to stay up to date.

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