Meet Our New TMCx Digital Health Accelerator Class!

TMC Innovation
Feb 14, 2018 · 4 min read

We are excited to introduce you to the 23 startups who will be in residence for the next four months. These companies, which represent the current trends in digital health, were selected from more than 200 applications that we received from more than 13 countries around the world.

The companies include six Texas companies (three Houston-based, three Austin-based), 15 from other states and three international groups representing Denmark, Australia and Italy.

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The CEOs, founders and other principals from the selected startups will spend the next four months developing relationships within the world’s largest medical complex while taking intensive courses to accelerate their groundbreaking digital devices and health care platforms.

The new companies, who are part of the sixth installment of TMCx, join a community of more than 80 companies who have already gone through the program and have raised more than $150 million.

“These companies bring digital health solutions that tackle the current challenges in health care to TMCx,” said Erik M. Halvorsen, Ph.D., director of the TMC Innovation Institute. “We are eager to see what insights they glean from working with the 23 hospitals in the Medical Center that will help them grow their companies. TMCx is proud to be a part of the journey that these 23 startups will take over the next four months.”

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Our TMCx companies on the first day

Companies accepted into the new cohort include:

· Abaka Health (San Francisco) — Helps providers create a better end-to-end patient experience by bringing together the clinical and financial aspects of health care into one easy-to-use platform.

· Agathos (San Francisco) — Reduces unnecessary variation in hospital care via individualized metrics, actionable feedback and physician-led behavior change.

· b.well (Baltimore) — Empowers consumers by aggregating their health care data by providing incentivized care coordination, along with concierge and matching services.

· Deep 6 AI (Pasadena, Calif.) — Uses artificial intelligence on clinical data to increase the quantity of and find better-matched patients for clinical trials in minutes instead of months.

· DermaSensor (Miami) — Connected device that enables health care professionals and patients to efficiently check for skin cancer by leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

· Etyon Health (Chicago) — Artificial intelligence-enabled products and services that help health care leaders identify, improve and manage financial and patient outcomes faster and at a lower cost.

· Evidence Care (Nashville, Tenn.) — Clinical decision support tool that allows providers to access evidence-based treatment recommendations that are patient-focused, enhance the shared decision-making process and accelerate their EHR workflow.

· Gain Life (Boston) — Digital platform that uses personalized and adaptive behavior change programs to engage individuals in achieving better outcomes.

· Klikkit (Denmark) — Smart button and application that monitors, analyzes and improves habits and behaviors.

· Luminare (Houston) — Anti-sepsis SaaS that incorporates behavioral change and intelligence medical record augmentation.

· NarrativeDx (Austin) — Artificial intelligence platform designed to identify actionable insights from patient feedback to improve CAHPS scores, increase referrals and reduce nurse turnover.

· ORIntel (Houston) — Hardware and software solution that provides operational support and real-time operating room (OR) status to deliver a more cost-effective surgical suite to staff and patients.

· Particle Health (New York) — Blockchain-based platform that incentivizes health organizations to start sharing data in a decentralized, segmented and highly granular way.

· Patients We Share (Houston) — Workflow communication application which uses machine learning to foster connectivity within the health care ecosystem, aligning patients with the most appropriate providers, products and services.

· Revealix (Austin) — Innovative medical imaging software service designed to pioneer early discovery of diabetic limb complications, which is non-invasive, mobile and at the point-of-care.

· ScalaMed (Australia) — Next-generation blockchain solution for democratizing a patient’s health care data and creating an online market for medications.

· SenceTech (Austin) — Autonomous, continuous monitoring electrocardiogram and heart rate variability bracelet that uses a proprietary ECG/HRV cloud-based interpretation platform.

· Softcare Studios (Italy) — Immersive virtual-reality experience aimed at improving the well-being of patients undergoing painful and anxiety-provoking procedures during therapy.

· Strados Labs (Philadelphia) — Continuous breathing sensor that connects doctors with asthma and COPD patients to improve care management and remote patient monitoring.

· Sunrise Health (Boston) — Text-based group support for behavioral health patients that utilizes artificial intelligence tools to increase provider capacity and catch complications early.

· Trayt (Redwood City, Calif.) — Data collection and analytics company that provides insights and a daily road map to improve diagnosis, treatments and quality of life for patients with brain disorders.

· Trusted Health (San Francisco) — Opportunity platform for the modern nurse that connects top RNs to flexible nursing jobs at innovative employers.

· Well Health (Santa Barbara, Calif.) — An intuitive two-way texting platform for front offices and patients that eliminates phone tag and improves the health care experience.

The TMCx companies will present their final presentation to an audience of advisors, hospital stakeholders and investors as part of the TMCx Demo Day on June 7.

TMC Innovation

Written by

A blog from the Texas Medical Center’s Innovation Institute, where we help health care startups access the world’s largest medical complex.

TMC Innovation

Written by

A blog from the Texas Medical Center’s Innovation Institute, where we help health care startups access the world’s largest medical complex.

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