TMCx Alumni Win Big at UCSF Digital Health Awards

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Oct 11 · 2 min read

TMCx alumni made a strong showing at the UCSF Digital Health awards on October 10, 2019. TMC Innovation Director Tom Luby also presented the award for the Fem Tech category. See the winners below!

Sana Health — Best behavioral health digital therapeutic

Sana Health uses light-based neuromodulation to treat pain. Founder Richard Hanbury developed the device to treat his own pain and is developing the platform to share with others. The Sana team was part of TMCx07 in 2018.

Meru Health — Best mental health digital health therapeutic

Meru Health is establishing the new standard of mental healthcare. Their platform incorporates direct access to a therapist, group support, and biofeedback to track progress. Published outcomes are strong with depression and anxiety reduced and sustained after 6 and 12 months. Meru participated in TMCx08 in 2019.

Luma Health — Best EHR-integrated platform for Patient Engagement

Luma Health is improving patient communication across the patient’s care journey. From primary care to specialist and back, information is shared and patient’s are more engaged. They have supported more than 6 million patient interactions and are growing rapidly. Luma participated in TMCx08 this Spring.

Several other TMCx alumni made it to the finals and semi-finals including Arterys (x04), Babyscripts (x04), and Gauss Surgical (x01). Congratulations to all!

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