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Feb 12 · 2 min read

BetterConsult | Sydney, Australia

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Contact: Chris Barakat | Director, Business Development |

Chris Barakat, Director, Business Development, BetterConsult

Physicians and patients each want more valuable time to connect with each other. BetterConsult aims to facilitate an improvement of time and communication by inviting patients to answer questions about their symptoms and medical history prior to a consultation with a physician. The application summarizes the patient information and provides a summary to the physician. The physicians have the opportunity to spend less time on administration and more quality time with their patients. The tool can also leverage broad databases of information to provide additional treatment recommendations to complement the doctor’s standard practice.

BetterConsult has a vast database of symptoms and concerns available for patients to select which provides additional actionable information to the physician. In addition, the application can be used to support the continuum of care by updating the patient information for future visits. The solution has potential applications to provide value in emerging areas including telehealth, mental health, and population health.

BetterConsult is owned by HealthShare, an Australian company with nearly a decade of experience building and scaling digital health solutions. Working with physicians to build this solution, they prioritized patient engagement and reducing physician administration. With momentum in Australia, they will be connecting with the TMC Innovation network to further develop their US strategic initiatives.

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