Guns are not the problem, as recorded in Nice, France.

“I disagree wholeheartedly”

That’s cool and all, but explain then why England is one of the most violent nations in Europe?

“None of this is relevant to being shot up in a public place in America”

Except your chances of being shot up in a public place in America are astronomically low, unless you’re in a Democrat ran city, or you’re in a “gun-free zone” then your chances tend to rise quite a bit.

Ever notice how we didn’t have so many “mass shootings” until Barry came into office? Yeah, weird huh.

Ever notice how almost all “mass shootings” are performed by Democrats in “gun-free” zones? Yeah, weird huh.

It is relevant simply because historically people have been treated atrociously and have had no way of defending themselves; you mysteriously skipped over my little history lesson of Pol Pot, why is that?

Maybe because history has proven time:

And again:

And again:

That your precious feelings to be completely useless.

That’s the best I’ve got for evidence of where I live, and in hindsight my reference of Europeans does seem pretty anecdotal.

Fact is, handguns or pistols overwhelmingly are used in violent crimes, the use of rifles pales in comparison.

This only solidifies my view that you aren’t pushing for gun laws because of some sense of justice or righteousness; but merely because you are a coward.

Rifles scare you.

Remember, law abiding gun owners don’t kill people, and those are the only people you’ll disarm with laws.

You ever been to Chicago? I have. Wonderful gun laws, move to Chicago it’s paradise.

In closing, read this; its from Harvard.

Why are you so afraid?