How To Give Credits In Music

Manny Hernandez
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Credit is an important piece of every project, especially in music. Unfortunately, sometimes credit is something that is missed and can be a detrimental factor in a professional relationship.

Credit to the correct people establishes rapport, respect, and appreciation for the contributors. It also creates an environment for professionalism.

Before we dive into the steps on how to give credit, I think it’s important to understand what we are giving credit for.

Understanding The Roles

I suggest doing the following. Begin by having a proper understanding of everyone’s role. Become familiar with everyone and the nature their roles plays in the song or project. Having a clear understanding of what everyone is doing and the importance of it, will help everyone be on the same page when it comes time to give credits. Once you have a clear understanding, become familiar with possible roles that take part of a recording.

Roles in a recording may include:

Recording Engineer
Mixing Engineer
Vocal producer
Live musicians (Bass, Drums, Keys, guitars etc)
Mastering Engineer
Graphic Designer

Take note that these titles or roles may or may not exist in all songs.

Example of credits in SoundCloud

Awareness and understanding of roles will help you identify who did what and how.

The Importance Of Credits

Why are Credits important?

When starting off, credit is sometimes the only thing to get your name out there to market. Having credits on a song helps with building your portfolio and possibly help you get clients down the road.

When I started mastering music a few years ago, credits was the form of payment. My focus wasn’t the money, rather I was focused on obtaining the most experience I could. In exchange, I was able to build my skills as a Mastering Engineer and build my portfolio and make sure I had credits.

Create A Credits Form

Document. Document. Document

As people get involved in the project, write down their name and how they are professionally known.


It is important that if the person involved uses a pseudonym to identify themselves professionally that the same is used when adding information to your credits form.

Many producers, songwriters and engineers submit metadata to places like AllMusic, Sound Exchange and Genius using pseudonyms.

So the song is done, what’s next?

Places To Submit or showcase Credits

All Music
With Your Distributor / Aggregator
Social media posts

Basically, anywhere where there’s information about the song that allows for credits to be displayed.

Ps. Spotify is now showcasing credits on their streaming platform.


Show love and support to those that contribute to your music.

Continue to grow and create culture.

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