The United Nations did not withdraw from its global partnership with China’s social media giant Tencent, according to a tech industry insider. It just took time to hammer out details on bilateral cooperation amid the Covid-19 pandemic, said the source.

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Recent weeks have witnessed around-the-clock reports on the novel coronavirus pneumonia that emerged in Wuhan. People from all walks of life have been generously extending help to the city and its people, donating food and other basic necessities, not to mention medical supplies such as masks and protective suits. Most commonly, assistance comes in the form of monetary donations.

However, technology enterprises have the potential to offer far greater assistance to Wuhan in the overall battle against the new coronavirus by focusing on their respective areas of expertise.

5G Ready to Go

To combat the epidemic, it is not enough to just ensure there…

“Hold on to it. Great. Now move it a bit closer to your mouth. Almost there. Stop!” With the help of his doctor, and after four months of training, Mr. Zhang, a quadriplegic patient, finally found himself able to use his mind to operate the robotic arm to take a sip of cola by himself. In the process, Zhang has become the first elderly patient in China to succeed at carrying out complicated and effective motor control using an implantable Brain Computer Interface (BCI).

On January 16, Zhejiang University publicly announced the research results of its Brain Science and AI…

Tesla will be the name on every car enthusiast’s lips in 2020.

With the price of the domestically manufactured Tesla Model 3 dropping to below 300,000 RMB and official deliveries having commenced, how should domestic electric car manufacturers respond? Many have enquired of Li Bin, founder and CEO of NIO, that with Tesla now built at home in China and selling cheaper, will NIO be able to keep its head above water?

Lin Bin, founder and CEO of NIO, speaking at the China EV100 Forum

At last week’s China EV100 Forum, Li Bin gave his first response when he said, “We are surviving.”

Later in his speech, Li Bin mentioned that, even though…

At the dawn of a new decade of innovation, TMTPOST’s Talk to China forum kicked off on January 7 at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The annual trade show has moved with the times over its 53 years, offering the world previews of the new technologies that emerge from, adapt to and evolve with the changes in our lives.

AI, 5G and IoT were among the hottest topics discussed at the four-day event. The applications of these technologies have gone into cars, smartphones, shoes, even a plug, blurring the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds.


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In 2019, as the full-length feature video streaming industry entered a cooling period, video hosting platforms iQIYI and Tencent both saw their numbers of paid members surpass 100 million, clear proof that consumers’ demand for full-length features has not diminished.

Last week, Tencent Video released its 2019 Annual Report, in which it analyses the real attitudes and needs of online video users through analysis of behavior data including customer profiles, consumption habits and viewing choices.

This year is the third consecutive year in which Tencent has published this annual report. …

We are soon raising the curtains on the annual Consumer Electronics Show, to be held January 7–9 in Las Vegas. This grand feast of technology gathers together the newest and freshest of technologies, while attracting tech experts and enthusiasts from all over the globe.

With the rise in China’s power of innovation, cutting-edge technology products from the country have become an indispensable part of the scenery at this renowned proving ground for innovators and boundaries-pushing technologies.

TMTPOST has been an official partner of CES for the past four years. In order to bring to light new innovations and provide a…

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The international open-source community is undergoing a process of gradual differentiation.

The digital kingdom in which the open-source culture emerged maintained a state of homogeneity. This homogeneity was ideological. For example, there existed in the borderless digital world many countries, businesses and nameless individuals who made significant contributions. The homogeneity was administrative, too, as a homogeneous community of so-called computer geeks participated in its joint development and governance according to the extent of their contribution to the community.

It is common knowledge that the heavy tariffs slapped on Chinese goods by the Trump Administration are building fences between nations, with…

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The whirlwind days of T-EDGE 2019 are behind us, yet the stories and insights shared continue to resonate.

It is T-EDGE’s sixth year in Beijing. Previous years’ meetings here gathered top minds from over 30 countries and regions that have helped to shape global narratives on the mutual impacts of different technologues, the general human-tech coevolution, and the benefits for and concerns of increasingly tech-dominated societies.

China has had to weather some tough moments in 2019, with China-U.S. tensions impacting on almost every industry in the country. As new trade talks with the U.S. …

From December 6 to 8, T-EDGE 2019 co-organized by TMTPOST Group and China New Media Development Zone was held in Beijing’s Daxing District. Themed ‘Diversity and Consensus’, this year’s event provided a unique space for the world’s future movers and shakers with its Globalization Trends Forum, China-Japan International Cooperation Industry Forum, Digital Marketing and Innovation Forum, Industrial Technology Summit, CHAINSIGHTS Fintech & Blockchain Summit and T-EDGE Innovation Contest.


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