Cainiao releases courier black technology “Cainiao Box”

Cainiao Courier Station has released a “new species” — Cainiao Box, a smart tech product, which will be made available to all door-to-door services. The smart hardware can be opened with a single click on the mobile; it is retractable and equipped with its own camera. The box can be positioned conveniently at locations close to users’ residences and will only take up a very small space. A technician at Cainiao introduced that it was designed with convenience and intelligence as the focus and couriers would never need to worry that no one was at home at the time of delivery.

According to the introduction of the technician, when connected to the internet, users of Caoniao Box can open the box with one simple click on their mobile phones using mobile clients such as Taobao, Alipay and Cainiao Guoguo and they are also able to operate the box remotely. When offline, the box can autonomously change its dynamic password and couriers and users can obtain the dynamic password using the same algorithm, a really convenient feature. Because it is retractable, though the box is relatively thin when retracted, it’s large enough to hold several packages of the standard size when extended. Thus, hanging the box over the door is simple and safe. At the same time, the box is equipped with its own camera and can record real-time images, guaranteeing the safety of the packages inside it.

It is reported that Cainiao has applied for several national patents for the new collection method used on this smart IoT end-user device. In the future, an upgraded version of Cainiao Box will make it possible for the users to open the box with facial recognition, together with more black technologies such as voice interaction, temperature adjustment for fresh produce storage and support for shared space authorization and so on.

The manager of Cainiao Courier Station stated that while satisfying consumers’ needs for diverse packaging, Cainiao would gradually introduce more smart products, to build end-user infrastructure for better user experience which is smart, open and built jointly by all in this era of new retail.

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