China’s short video platform ixigua to invest RMB 4 billion to enter long video field with variety show making

Aug 8, 2018 · 2 min read

Chinese short video platform ixigua announced entering variety show production industry on August 2. The platform will invest RMB 4 billion to create mobile original variety show IP in the coming year.

ixigua is a personalized recommendation video app of Bytedance with over 300 million users. It has more than 4 billion average daily video views and over 70 minutes of daily per capita use.

This is the first time that ixigua enters the content creating area. Having achieved the leading position in content distribution, ixigua finally expands its business to the upper stream of content industry — professional content production and IP creation.

Zhang Nan, president of, said that the company decided to produce variety shows in the need of users. The users have a strong demand for variety content and will look for the complete long videos after watching the short video clips. “Based on these demands, we plan to try to produce more mobile variety shows,” said Zhang.

Zhang Nan, President of ixigua

According to Zhang, mobile has become the main device of variety show consumption, but the current variety shows are still mostly TV shows. Data shows that Youku’s self-produced Street Dance of China has got 270 million views through ixigua. As it is widely accepted in the market that the short video clips make users look for and watch the original long videos more, many variety shows, films and TV series have made short video clilps an important method for promotion.

Zhang added “The variety shows in the mobile era should be more ‘original’ and ‘smart’, and take more account of the consumption scenario of mobile devices, which is also the main exploration direction of ixigua’s involvement in variety show production.”

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