TMTPost Automotive Technology Index: The First Industry-Wise Technology Index Report

TMTPost just released “T-EDGE Automotive Technology Index Report” during the 2017 T-EDGE Lifestyle Festival & Summit, in an attempt to provide new science & technology indicators for the auto industry, herald the era of IoT and guide the way for the evolution of the auto industry within the next century.

The auto industry started its centennial journey when Karl Benz invented the first three-wheeled car in the world in 1885. As the crown of industry, the auto industry has always led the technological innovation in the manufacturing industry and has always been one of the first to try and adopt new technologies. While inflatable tyre triggered an evolution, automatic transmission made it significantly more convenient to control an automobile, let alone the hydraulic braking system. All these new techniques and technologies enrich the technologies in automobiles.

It is known that different eras have different themes. Today, as the internet has grown into something as indispensable as other necessities like water and electricity, environmental protection is the new theme of this era. Therefore, the auto industry is also one of the first to adapt to this new theme and bring out innovation accordingly.

Under this background, TMTPost released “T-EDGE Automotive Technology Index Report” during the 2017 T-EDGE Lifestyle Festival & Summit, in an attempt to provide new science & technology indicators for the auto industry, herald the era of IoT and guide the way for the evolution of the auto industry within the next century.

The report is divided into six chapters, covering a variety of aspects, from intelligent driving, internet of vehicles, new energy, new material, new experience index of different types of automobiles, to global trend of automobile investment, global automobile brand and data tracking, classification and display of solution suppliers. It is our wish to give full picture of the past, present and future of the auto industry in a multi-dimensional manner.

In the report, we interviewed over 100 leading innovators in the auto industry abroad and at home, conducted questionnaire interview with over 200 industry pundits and observers, collected and analyzed data, thus presenting the most vivid auto industry and product portrait.

“We have confidence to say that this is one of the most comprehensive guides to the automotive technology and experience. As investors, innovators and automobile consumers gather together at T-EDGE Lifestyle Festival & Summit, we officially debuted this report,” Li Feifan, TMTPost CheckZeit, said.

Based on our unique assessment system, we carefully divided mainstream car makers and solution tech companies abroad and at home into different groups, rated them and then ranked them.

More specifically, our indicators include: supply chain integration capability, manufacturing capability, commercialization stage, driving experience, operation system, hardware platform, road test technology, sensor integration solution, software and algorithm, data storage and processing capability, marketing and branding strategy, product design, sales and distribution capability, etc.

“We split the criteria of automotive technology into over ten dimensions, including automatic driving level, new energy level, human-machine interaction, smart seat, in-car decoration, intelligent car-mounted control system, etc. As their importance varies, their weighing proportion also differs.”

Based on both user feedback, survey and the assessment system mentioned above, a ranking was reached in the report:

Among SUVs, Tesla Model X, NIO ES8 and Volvo XC90X are the top three car models. Among cars, Model S, BMW 740Le and Benz S 500eL top the list.

“It took TMTPost’s CheckZeit team half a year to comb through relevant information, conduct interviews and present us this 140,000-word report, comprised of a couple hundred graphs and tables. This report also marks the first attempt around the world to release an industry-wise tech index. I’ve got to give the thumbs up for our ChectZeit team. Well done,” Hejuan Zhao, founder and CEO of TMTPost, said.

Years of experience in auto industry investment and financing circle has laid a solid foundation for TMTPost to compile this report.

This report includes 201 auto startups and 374 financing events since 2013, with a total investment and financing volume of over RMB 60 billion. More specifically,

First of all, these auto startups are divided into two groups, technology-driven and O2O-based. Next, technology-driven startups can be further divided into whole-car R&D startups, IoT startups, intelligent in-vehicle parts startups and new energy battery startups, etc. O2O-based startups can be further divided into automobile finance startups, automobile e-commerce platforms, car rental platforms, automobile after-market platforms, car-hailing and automobile service companies.

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TMTPost Automotive Technology Index

The first industry-wise tech index report around the world

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Translated by Levin Feng (Senior Translator at PAGE TO PAGE), working for TMTpost.

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Originally published at on July 26, 2017.