I have heard about it, but how is it possible if we continuously hear in mass media that a child…
Chriss Kiss

About 30% of abuse cases are perpetrated by immediate family members, and 60% are perpetrated by close friends like babysitters. Incest abuse is still being studied, and I am not as familiar with it, but the mass media misuses terminology a lot. They often use the word “pedophile” to refer to those who abuse children, regardless of whether they are attracted to children. The word “pedophile” is best understood as someone with a sexual attraction to young children.

Only a third of abuse is perpetrated by those with a sexual attraction to children, and it is unclear how that number overlaps with the 30% of abusers who are family members. We have only just begun to do research into a sexual attraction to children, so there is much we do not know. We do know from estimates that most with a sexual attraction to children do not molest them.

To quote a therapist in Florida,

Pedophiles, on the other hand, are primarily (and often exclusively) attracted to children. While there are pedophiles who fit Book’s description of “117 victims,” such pedophiles are rare. Most are introverts and isolated from society. Though some act on their sexual desires, others do not.
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