Index Of Stories

Medium is unique, in that you can see literally everything I contribute with my profile page.

But that does not single out the stories I have made, here is an index.

With every story, the goal is to end child sexual abuse before it can happen by adding to your knowledge of how and why it happens so that you can take preventative steps.

1. The Boy Who Was Abused May 6, 2017

This is about my experience as a victim of child sexual abuse, and what I learned from it. It is not graphic, but may be triggering to some people.

2. Disney’s Zootopia has Parallels to Sex Abuse Prevention May 21, 2017

This is about the parallels that Disney’s Zootopia has to sex offender policies. While it is intended to be somewhat humorous, I think it is a fair point.

3. Three Modes Of Prevention: Which One Works For Child Sexual Abuse? June 3, 2017

This describes the public health model of prevention, and which tactics work with eliminating child sexual abuse. Which mode do you think we currently use?

4. Why Pedophilia And Pedophiles Are Not A Risk To Children June 12, 2017

This overviews an illustration for the common person to understand what pedophilia is, and who pedophiles are. It is an exercise to demonstrate that pedophiles, those attracted to children, deserve more credit than you think.

5. What You Do Not Know About Pedophiles Could Spare Children Child Sexual Abuse June 16, 2017

This illustrates what causes child sexual abuse, what a pedophile is, and how that knowledge is helpful to ending child sexual abuse. Do you know the facts?

6. Is Pedophilia A Sexual Orientation? June 22, 2017

This asks the question… what is pedophilia, and is it a sexual orientation? What does it mean if it is a sexual orientation, and how does that apply to preventing child sexual abuse?

7. Emotions, Labels, Scientists, And Logic

This is an open letter to the scientific community around the sexual attraction to children. If you are a researcher or social scientist, this is for you.

8. Can Pedophilia Be Changed? The Scientific Community Says…

This is an analysis of Paul Federoff’s research into pedophilia and whether it can be changed or eliminated.