By The People, For The People

Laying out the foundation for my 2018 congressional platform.

It is time to take back our democratic republic. In 2018, I plan on being elected to represent the people of the 7th District of Tennessee — and I take the word “represent” very seriously. The full platform will be built by this community, but we need to start somewhere. Here is the foundation that we will build this platform on:

  1. In order for the people of this country to have their voices heard, our government needs to be free from the corrupting influence of big money in politics. I will support pro-democracy, anti-corruption reforms, including voting rights protections, citizen-funded elections, voter-verified paper records at all voting precincts, and an amendment to overturn Citizens United.
  2. This country is founded on the idea of freedom for all, and I want to represent every citizen of Tennessee’s 7th District — this means that I will not support any bills that target or oppress any one group of people based on gender, religion, race, income, education level, or lifestyle.

To show my commitment to these two founding principles, I have signed the Equal Voice for All Declaration, and I promise that I will do everything within my power to help pass the American Anti-Corruption Act, the Democracy Day Act, and the Equality Act.

Even though the election will not be held until November 2018, in Spring 2017, I will begin holding town halls where I will work with all of you on constructing the rest of this “by-the-people, for-the-people” platform.

Making sure that our planet is safe and healthy now and for all future generations is of utmost importance, and during our town halls, we will be discussing ideas about the best ways to continue protecting our environment.

Education is important, but not everyone benefits from the same learning environment and teaching techniques. I want to hear your opinion on how we can better our current education system.

Art and creativity are vital to every community at every level. I want to hear from others on how they would like to influence and contribute to their local culture, as well as the culture of our country.

Health care is a right that should be easily and affordably accessible for all. During this campaign, we, as a district, will discuss the best way to implement a health care system that benefits everyone.

Income and wealth inequality affects roughly 90% of the population. We will work together on the best ways to ensure all working Americans receive a living wage and fair benefits.

Despite the huge strides our country has made over the years, inequality due to gender, race, sexual preference, nationality, disability, and religion is still an issue. During this campaign, we will make sure that our town halls are safe, respectful spaces that listen to all voices without judgement. We will discuss the best ways to educate each other on, and respect, the richly diverse culture of this nation, and unite despite our differences.

For more information on this people-powered campaign and how to get involved, including when and where town halls will be held, please like Taralei Griffin for Congress on Facebook, and stay tuned.