Taralei Griffin
Sep 16, 2016 · 1 min read

I agree with you and Senator Sanders. Strategic voting will be important in this election.

Yet, as far as the matter with Democracy Spring… I don’t think the decision was simply between supporting HRC or supporting protest voting. I believe there was the extra choice of simply continuing to encourage their volunteers to make their voices heard — to vote and march and sit in for what they believe in.

I love Democracy Spring, I was an organizer with them until August, but this was a huge mistake on their part. They made a statement that goes against what a majority of their supporters believe in. They went against their own Principles of Unity. They endorsed a candidate who refused to sign their own Equal Voice For All Declaration. When you’re an organization pushing to make sure We, The People’s voice are heard, you need to listen to the concerns and beliefs of all of your supporters — not just a few people on a committee.

While maybe it’s the right thing to do overall — all Democracy Spring did by making their statement in support of HRC was cause many of their strongest supporters to turn away from, or even against them. We need everyone to win this fight of getting big money out of politics and restore voting rights. Democracy Spring has now caused a rift that is damaging that fight.

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