You Can’t Douse Bernie’s Inferno

Today, I read an article on The Daily Beast written by former speechwriter for President Obama, Jon Favreau. It is about why electing Hillary Clinton is important. He talks about how he “gets it” because he, too, did not like Hillary originally. As soon as he mentioned the fact that he would have been fired if Hillary had not accepted his apology for a disrespectful incident with a cardboard cutout of her, I thought,

Well, shit. He’s bought. This is just a well-written version of the “Love and Kindness” Buzzfeed article.

Funnily enough, Mr. Favreau later cites that same article, written by Ruby Cramer of Buzzfeed News. Personally, I love Buzzfeed. I have a Community account, often binge-watch BuzzCreep and The Try Guys, and have been pleasantly surprised by their news app — currently the only news app I use daily. Yet after struggling my way through Ms. Cramer’s overly-wordy article, which left befuddled readers only with the insincere thought, “Hillary Clinton is all about love and kindness,” I had finally read a Buzzfeed News piece that left me disappointed, frustrated, and sickened.

Whenever I read and listen to the words of Hillary’s supporters, I am astounded at their naïveté, as well as saddened by their pessimism.

Most of the Democrats who want Hillary to be our candidate do so because, while they may like what Bernie Sanders is saying, they don’t think it is possible. You want to know why they think that? Because Hillary’s Super PACs and the mainstream media outlets that they fund are making sure her supporters don’t have the facts about Bernie. They dismiss his campaign as unrealistic and foolish without giving any real reason. The people listening foolishly believe and parrot them. Here’s a quick run down of a few things I’ve heard (and my response):

“It will be too hard to raise the minimum wage to $15. Hillary said she’ll get us $12. As long as it’s raised, that’s enough for me.” If you want it to be raised, why not fight for the best possible option, rather than settling for less?
“Hillary is a woman. We need a woman in the White House to fight for women’s rights.” While it would be inspiring and historic to finally have a woman serve as President of the United States, we can’t count on her to actually fight for women’s rights, especially since she perpetuates the wage gap.
“Bernie doesn’t have anywhere near as much experience as Hillary.” Ahem… Bernie has more.
“Bernie is only doing grassroots fundraising, which won’t get him anywhere.” 100% False.

I have been told all of those things, over and over, by people who are (futilely) trying to convince me that Bernie is not fit to be our next president. The one I hear most often is that basing his campaign on money — making the minimum wage a living wage, the economics of Wall Street compared to Main Street, etc.— is a mistake. I read it again today in Mr. Favreau’s article.

My problem is not that his message is unrealistic — it’s that a campaign which is largely about Main St. vs. Wall St. economics is too narrow and divisive for the story we need to tell right now.

I whole-heartedly disagree with that sentiment. Even if “Main St./Wall St. Economics” were the only thing Bernie was focusing on with his campaign, I would still support him. I believe that it is the most important issue in our country currently.

Many people who know me will read that and be startled. I‘m the person who can’t stop discussing civil rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, our need to save the environment, the need to uphold the separation of church and state, gun regulations, you name it. I will often get overwhelmed by the amount of injustice in our country. For years I’ve wanted to get involved in some sort of political organization, but couldn’t figure out how to pick even just two issues to focus my energy on. Then, I started learning about Bernie Sanders’ campaign, and one fateful day, I paid close attention as Cenk Uygur was discussing a regular topic on TYT Live — getting money out of politics.

Wolf dash PAC dot com!” he yelled. “Go! Join the pack.”

I did as he said, and realized that this was the most important issue out there, because it affects all of the issues. The majority of citizens in our country do not have a voice in the government, even though we are supposed to. We, the people, do not have equal opportunity to make or influence the changes we need and deserve, because the majority of us don’t have the money to fight the greedy corporations and Wall Street for our leaders’ attention. Until the Citizens United ruling is overturned… until we have more leaders proudly joining Bernie in refusing money from Super PACs and corporations… until money is no longer what influences our laws, the people who make them, and the people who uphold them… no other issue can easily be changed by “we, the people.”

This means that we, the people of the United States of America, need to join together and fight for our rights. The best way to do that currently is to support a politician who sincerely cares about this country and all the people in it, without being influenced by money. The two articles I mentioned are trying to convince you that the only politician who cares is Hillary Clinton. I bet if you use your reading comprehension and think about it, you will see the insincerity in these claims. If you add in a simple Google search of her political history, you will see her for the flip-flopping, money and power hungry liar that she is.

Bernie Sanders is the one current Democratic Presidential candidate who has stood firm in his policies during this race. He is the one candidate who has more than fifty years of experience fighting alongside the citizens of our country for their rights. He is the one candidate who is not bought by the wealthy few. If you want to move our country forward, yes, it’s going to take time. That means we need to get started. Right now! Currently, Bernie is the only candidate who can wind that clock.

Don’t give up on Bernie. I can assure you he’s not going to give up on you, but this is a two way street.

Feel the Bern.

For those of you who think Bernie Sanders’ campaign is based on impossibilities, I encourage you to educate yourself by reading the facts on

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