Queen Poem

Revelations Vol 1

Sometimes it really isn’t you

Sometimes you haven’t done anything wrong

Sometimes it’s just bad luck

But if I’m not the problem

Why is my luck so broken?

These lessons have turned into endless torture

Like royal portraiture

Poised on the surface

But the eyes show the curtness

Chiselled by the hardships

Forced to face another day alone

Over flowing with love

And constant exchanges with new faces

Is free nourishment to life

The only thing solidified from this pain

Is the patience of a saint

Embedded in my essence

My heartbeat creates fatal waves

That even when I hurt it continues to spill

I’m so full; I spill my love all over the place

Loving myself so deeply

I’ve picked this heart up so many times

Where others would have committed suicide

Unscathed, this martyr still refuses to break

Love is my weapon of choice

So many have used this love

Wishing it was someone else

Unwilling to communicate their intentions

So selfish, and clueless

Unaware of the queen in their presence

They always return

After seeking for my ethereal depth

In shallow ponds

I forgive you, because after everything

You still don’t see your pattern

My kindness extends to all

Regardless of their greediness

The only difference is now,

You are on my no fly zone list

Brutal honesty heals all

So when I was asked a question

A question I’ve been battling with so long

Trying to find the answer

When questioned from new lips

And a familiar voice

It all became so clear

“Ask yourself, what are you doing wrong?”

I finally knew the answer

It wasn’t that I was doing anything wrong

It was simple

I was giving to people who used what I gave them

To pass it on to someone else

It’s time for me to only exchange with someone

Who values me as much as I value them

Who values me as much as I value them