3 Examples of Why Your Business Should Shred

Jim Stickley, the author of The Truth about Identity Theft, documented three different instances of how companies and individuals are put at risk. His says, “The amount of confidential information I discover in the garbage is directly related to how much the organization preaches the virtues of shredding to its employees.” He cautions that recycling is no safer than just throwing something out in the garbage — his advice, shred!

Here are Cases He Documented.

The Management Team. Stickley was hired by the company to find their vulnerabilities. He followed members of the management team home to collect their addresses. Then, he went through their trash. He found an Internet bill — which gave him more than enough information to contact the management team member. Reciting all the information from the bill — the account number, etc. — he sounded very real when he told the person that they would be receiving a necessary software update in the mail. Then, he mailed a disc with malware on it. He could now access the manager’s computer and through it he was able to find the passwords he needed to infiltrate the company’s computers. This is why he advises companies to have their high-level employees to secure their computers and shred their trash. After all, employees can bring in their sensitive documents and drop them in the same secure shredding bin that is used for company documents.

Lawsuits. The State of Texas sued Radio Shack for dumping 20 boxes of customer information. It was found in a landfill and reported. Stickley says, “The fact that the data was discovered comes as no surprise.” He noted that as part of his investigations he had found everything from social security numbers to drivers’ licenses along with credit card numbers and credit applications with a wealth of information. He noted that a company that recently hired him was throwing away the results of mandatory drug-testing. He called it a “walking time bomb for a lawsuit.” In short, shredding not only protects the information; it protects your company from a possible lawsuit.

Don’t Recycle. Stickley notes that part of “going green” is an increase of sensitive information in recycling bins. One recycling bin he “investigated” included completed loan applications, social security numbers and more. Thieves know that they may find a wealth of information waiting to be recycled. Recycling sits by the curb — just like garbage.

You can be safe and you can be green! Paper Shredding Phoenix companies can offer you on-site shredding so you know that you information has been completely destroyed — and they recycle. You watch those secure recycling bins be emptied into the truck. When the truck leaves, your sensitive materials are already destroyed completely so you have no worries about how they will be handled!