Come To The Waters:

Help Bring New Life One Drop at a Time

In cultures throughout the world, water represents life; it is a tangible symbol of what it means to thrive.

Currently, over a billion people, a seventh of the world, do not have access to clean water.

The tragedy does not just lie in the shortage; it is an issue with far reaching consequences. Water-born illnesses and lack of sanitation are the leading cause of death globally. Additionally, children and women in many parts of the world spend hours each day collecting water, forcing them to sacrifice their education for their family’s livelihood.

Thankfully, the story does not end there. Organizations such as Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) are working hard to fight for clean water. NCM has partnered with churches across much of the world to implement the WASH program, which incorporates sanitation, the promotion of hygiene and water supply. They are also working to build ten hand pump wells every year across the African continent.

Besides providing clean water, these wells support local ministries, clinics and community gardens, which can uplift an entire region.

The Trevecca community has the opportunity to partner with NCM through Drop By Drop. At its core, this campaign exists to see the world free of water-related problems. The goal is to make sure every community has access to their basic needs as well as the opportunity to experience the love of Christ, a priority for NCM. Drop By Drop has distributed water bottles with the promise of students and faculty to donate to the cause. All donations collected will go directly into NCM’s Global Clean Water Fund, which will distribute the money to areas where the need is most urgent. By supporting Drop By Drop, you are helping to bring life to thousands in Asia, Africa, and South America.

Jesus came to be the living water. He came that we may have life abundantly in his name. We can give to others without restraint because we have been loved extravagantly.

Please consider joining the cause to bring water and life to those in need. This coming Monday, April 20th, you can partner with Drop By Drop by stopping by the quad from 9am- 6pm where there will be music and giveaways. You will also have the opportunity to donate with cash, check or credit card. For more information, check out or visit us on Twitter or Instagram at @tnudropbydrop.

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