The King of The King of the Monsters

Part Five


Godzilla 2.0 has a lot to live up to after the original Godzilla’s debut in Tokyo a year prior. Can he deliver?

Nah, not really. Despite possessing the same giant stompers, atomic breath, and thirst for irrational violence, this Godzilla doesn’t really get too much done in the destruction department. Sure he shows off some new hand-to-hand combat ability to take down his spikey kaiju foe (before torching its corpse for good measure), but their little tussle is the only brief incident of destruction for Osaka. Death and mayhem are scarce outside that.

The real kicker though? Apparently Godzilla doesn’t handle icy avalanches too well. If only the radical one-eyed scientist had known that before using his ultra experimental weapon of mass destruction to take down the previous one.

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