The King of The King of the Monsters

Part Four


Decades spent locked in an icy tomb would put any creatures mental state into disarray, so the decision to revive Godzilla from this exact predicament can safely be called “bat shit crazy”.

The relentlessly destructive spree that ensues shows what an atomic lizard with an unquenchable thirst for vengeance is capable of. Stomping around the world in record time Godzilla put’s his atomic breath and pro-wrestling chops into overdrive to tear through every monster willing to step into the octagon.

Godzilla’s “Marathon of Monster Mayhem” doesn’t discriminate either, Kaiju, humans, super-human mutants, alien invaders, bureaucrats — he’d kill ’em all, if it wasn’t for his pesky kid. Turns out baby Godzilla (yep, Godzilla’s tiny son) and his misguided belief in love and compassion is all it takes to stop the big guys fun-loving murder spree. Just proves that children know nothing.

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