Yelp Sues Review Service Revleap

In an official blog post, Yelp described their lawsuit against the positive directory review service Revleap.

Revleap is an LA based startup that generates good reviews for businesses with poor ratings on Yelp and other directories.

“Revleap, which has cycled through various names including “Yelpdirector” and “Reapply,” has spammed businesses with unsolicited messages claiming that they can get good reviews to stick and remove bad reviews,” Yelp Spokesman Vince Sollitto wrote in Friday’s post.

Revleap allegedly spam their client’s customers with surveys. The customers who respond with positive feedback in these initial surveys are offered a chance to win a gift card in exchange for positive reviews on Yelp.

According to court documents, Revleap infringed on Yelps trademarks, misrepresenting itself as a representative of the popular business directory in spam texts and emails.

“Additionally, Defendants’ spam promotional communications have confused recipients into believing that Yelp was affiliated with or sponsored these unlawful communications,” the court documents state.

This news comes a month after the FTC decided not to formally investigate Yelp for using the threat of promoting negative reviews to leverage premium ad sales.

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