4 min readNov 27, 2023


1st ERA: INCUBATION is the period in which our first TOKYO BEAST project will be released, planned for 2024.
This article will introduce and explain the experiences we aim to offer with this phase.

1st ERA Release Project

In the 1st ERA, our original TBZ token, BEAST NFTs, their management tools BASE and FARM and our first game project TRIALS will be released. The project will also include a BETTING feature, with which users can predict winners and losers within the TRIALS game.

Two kinds of fresh experiences

Through this project, we are trying to offer two fresh experiences from both the Web2 and Web3 realms.

We will now explain these two fresh experiences.

Web3 adoption among Web2 users

We have to admit that Web3 is still at present a narrow and limited market.
By adopting existing Web2 users into Web3, we aim to make it a wider market that users can enjoy, just as they enjoy Web2.
Our team and project have established multiple factors to encourage this successful outcome.

Web2 game development/operation track record

The first factor is our team’s Web2 game development and operation track record.
The TOKYO BEAST development team is home to a multitude of staff with rich experience in developing and operating big-name Japanese games.
The red ocean climate of the current Web2 game market naturally mandates an extremely high level of quality to attract users.
We will employ that level of quality while leveraging the know-how of managing and marketing a million-user-scale service to grow our service.

Our original system, the NFT Proxy Model

The second factor is our original system, the NFT Proxy Model. We expect this system to acquire large numbers of Web2 users while maintaining the scarcity of BEAST NFTs.
Unlike existing NFT games, under the NFT Proxy Model, players can use Proxy Beast copies of BEAST NFT data to play the game, with Proxy Beast activity returning rewards to the BEAST NFT holder.

This model has the following three benefits:

This model will cause mass adoption of the Web3 project by acquiring large numbers of Web2 users while maintaining BEAST NFT’s value.

Backed by these factors, we believe we can convert Web2 users into Web3 users.

Entertainment experiences that further intensify the passion of Web2

The Web2 game market has long pursued in-game entertainment experiences. It has now become extremely difficult to offer novelty in this context.
However, through combination with Web3, the expansion of new avenues of gameplay can offer entertainment experiences not possible in Web2 alone.
To support this, we have incorporated the BETTING component. We believe this will have the following three effects:

We will now explain each of these effects in detail.

A new way of participating in competitive games: BETTING

Existing competitive game tournaments have only involved a limited number of competitors and fans.
By increasing participation using BETTING, we will turn greater numbers of people into interested parties, allowing them to experience the passion of gaming events.
This will allow us to create a higher-quality, larger-scale stage for entertainment.

Expectations shown in the form of numbers

The BETTING feature provides a numerical representation of the expectations for BEAST and for players.
These numbers are both a metric of value and prestige.
Clarifying these metrics increases the motivation to play the game and to hold BEAST, and generates prestige for and envy towards those involved.

Feedback to winners

Victory in games provides a sense of fun and accomplishment. However, there has also been a sense of emptiness, knowing that the player has nothing to show for their victory once the game is turned off.
The prestige made clear through the BETTING feature, and the accompanying feedback provided by value, grants players a firm sense of victory through clear material gains.
This is a revolutionary feature that cannot be provided by Web2 games.

These effects ensure that our project is overflowing with possibilities to offer unprecedented new entertainment experiences that exceed the limits of entertainment provided in our long operation of Web2 games.


We have named our 1st ERA “INCUBATION”.
The name refers to TOKYO BEAST’s first appearance in the world, as well as our hope to give birth to a new form of experience never before seen.
We are continuing development so we can deliver these aspirations to the world.
We will be actively conducting further campaigns and information drops in the lead-up to our 2024 release.
Please follow us on X (formerly Twitter) to get hyped for this new form of entertainment together with us.