Announcement of Extension for the Early Entry Campaign (Updated on October 24)

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Announcement of Extension for the Early Entry Campaign (Updated on October 24)

Thank you very much for your numerous participations in the Early Entry Campaign. Thanks to your support, the number of followers for the official X account has exceeded 50,000. Due to popular demand, we will extend the Early Entry Campaign until Thursday, November 30th.

Additional content for the Follow Me Campaign:
• Achievement of 75,000 followers: 3 people selected by lottery (Added on 10/24)
• Achievement of 100,000 followers: 3 people selected by lottery (Added on 10/24)

*Please note that the Strike Jackpot has ended as scheduled on Tuesday, October 31st.

About Early Entry Campaign

Period: 9/3/2023(Sun)–10/30/2023(Mon) (EST)
To celebrate the release of the information, three “Early Entry Campaigns” will be held to reward users who follow the Official X (formerly Twitter, hereafter Official X) account. The prize would be a “TB Mystery Box” in which tokens and NFTs of “TOKYO BEAST” will be awarded later.

Please check the official X account for additional information regarding the various campaigns.

For more information about TB Mystery Box, please click here.

Follow Me Campaign

Whenever the Official X account reaches a certain number of followers, we will draw lots from among those who follow us and give away the highest rarity “TB Mystery Box Diamond”. The earlier you follow up, the more times you will be drawn, and thus the higher your chances of winning.

The number of followers and winners to be drawn are as follows

5,000 followers: 3 winners drawn
10,000 followers: 3 winners drawn
15,000 followers: 3 winners drawn
20,000 followers: 3 winners drawn
25,000 followers: 3 winners drawn
30,000 followers: 3 winners drawn
40,000 followers: 3 winners drawn
(Added on 9/19)
50,000 followers: 3 winners drawn
(Added on 9/19)

The threshold and number of winners after 50,000 followers will be announced at a later date.

Weekly Prediction

Starting on 9/14(Thu) (EST), a weekly prediction quiz related to the latest information on “TOKYO BEAST” will be held on Official X. Among those who follow Official X and participate in the quiz, 15 people will be selected each week to receive the high rarity “TB Mystery Box Gold”. Please check Official X for more information about the quiz as it is added from time to time.

Strike Jackpot

A jackpot-style campaign will be held during the Early Entry Campaign. Each time a target number of live streaming viewers or Official X followers is reached, a prize will be added to the jackpot.Drawings for the opening of the pot will be held on Official X on an irregular basis. If the pot is not opened, the rewards in the pot will be carried over to the next drawing. If the pot is opened, the winner will be drawn from the followers of the Official X account and will receive the rewards that have been carried over.

Current in-pot rewards
TB mystery box gold: 179(as of 15/10/2023(Sun) (EST))
*The subject tweet is after the last opening 9/8/2023(Fri) (EST).

Strike history
(9/8/2023(Fri) (EST)) TB mystery box gold: 84

As for the goals for the various additional rewards, they are as follows

Reach 5,000 followers on the official X account
100 simultaneous viewers of various live-streams (AMA, etc.)
500 RTs for each official X-post
500 likes on each official X-post

One “TB Mystery Box Gold” will be added to the pot for each of the above goals, and a drawing will be held to open the box each time it is added. Please note that the additional rewards goal may be added or changed without prior notice.
*The first drawing is scheduled for 9/8/2023(Fri) (EST).

The results of the prize drawing will be announced on the official X account as they become available.




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