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Announcing TOKYO BEAST, a project with a scale and budget never-before-seen in the history of Web3 games.

In this broadcast, we’ll be introducing the project, hosting talk sessions, and more.

Plus, during the show, we’ll have a special giveaway for our viewers! Don’t miss out on the chance to win NFTs! 🎁

We’re thrilled to have Yoriko Beal, Head of BD for Japan at Polygon, our blockchain network partner, alongside Naoki Motohashi, Producer of TOKYO BEAST, and Shuhei Mise, Global Head.

Get an exclusive first look at TOKYO BEAST emerging on the horizon. Tune in and join us on this exciting journey!

■Broadcast Date and Time

09/08/2023(Fri)17:00 (PST)
09/08/2023(Fri)20:00 (EST)
09/09/2023(Sat)10:00 (JST)


Yoriko Beal — (Polygon Head of Business Development Japan)
Naoki Motohashi — (TOKYO BEAST Producer)
Shuhei Mise — (TOKYO BEAST Global Head)

■What is 「TOKYO BEAST」?

“TOKYO BEAST” is a crypto entertainment project that challenges to create a new entertainment experience by integrating crypto assets. It is a completely original large-scale project with many experienced staff members who have developed and operated famous Japanese games, and a development budget unparalleled for a web3 game. We will provide an innovative and exciting entertainment experience that only “TOKYO BEAST” can provide, evolving Web3 games to a new stage.


Official Website :http://tokyo-beast.com/
YouTube :https://www.youtube.com/@TOKYO_BEAST




Dive into Uncharted Territory with TOKYO BEAST https://www.tokyo-beast.com/

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