TOKYO BEAST Creation Contest

2 min readApr 4, 2024

Contest Overview

As part of the Alpha Members campaign, we will be holding a TOKYO BEAST Creation Contest that lets contestants show their support for TOKYO BEAST by creating and posting all kinds of TOKYO BEAST-related works on X.
Enter the contest by posting your work to X (formerly Twitter) with the hashtag #TOKYOBEAST_ART.

Winning entries will be selected by the community team, with the winning creators receiving TB Mystery Tickets as special gifts.

Campaign Duration

- Artwork submission period: May 10, 2024 — June 30, 2024
- Winning entry selections: mid-July, 2024 (estimated)
*Winning entries will be posted on X.


- Grand Prize Winner: 1 Person
Guaranteed BEAST NFT! TB Mystery Ticket Diamond x1

- Other Winners: Number undecided (multiple winners expected)
TB Mystery Ticket Gold x1

- Runners-up: Number undecided (multiple winners expected)
TB Mystery Ticket Silver x1

Valid Entries

Illustrations, videos, and other works of art. As long as it can be posted on X, we’d love to see it!
(Examples: Manga, stories, MMD, theme songs, handicrafts, etc.)

How to Enter

Post your work with the special contest hashtag #TOKYOBEAST_ART on X during the submission period of May 10 — June 30, 2024 (JST).
For non-X submissions, such as YouTube videos, please include the URL in a post on X and add #TOKYOBEAST_ART to that post.

Handling of Submitted Works

We may feature some of the submitted works in future TOKYO BEAST events or live broadcasts.

Use of resources not related to TOKYO BEAST

All entries are subject to the terms and conditions of the video platform to which you are submitting your work and those of any resources you may be using.

Other Things to Note

*You are also eligible to submit works related to TOKYO BEAST that you have created in the past.
*We will not accept submissions that can only be viewed by using specialized software, etc., as the community team will not be able to verify the contents of such work.
*Multiple participants may submit a joint entry, but as a general rule, only one representative will be eligible to receive any prizes.
*Works that are deemed inappropriate for public presentation will not be considered for nomination.
*Campaign details are subject to change without notice.