Changing how the web looks with Social Media?

With the growth of social media connecting the 3 billion internet users . The way the web works and looks is ever changing as a social web dominates.

Websites rely on social sharing as a primary way of becoming exposed. Encouraging users of their service to post on their Facebook Wall or Twitter Feed. With the average Facebook user, yes all 1.35 active monthly users, having 190 friends. Sharing is a big deal, and websites show it!

One common trend amongst website design is the inclusion of fan feedback. Such as including a twitter feed or the companies hashtag or comments left by their Facebook fans.

This has become an integral way to communicate with users and to encourage conversation and interaction with them. Both providing exposure as their friends see on social media and to change customer experience.

Customer Service has been changed by the web. Before, a very slow process occurred where you’d ring up the company, they’d pass you onto 3 locations around the world, put you on hold for fourty-minutes to the most annoying song possible to be answered by a guy who’s done a 3 week introductory course to English.

Now, some companies have realised the potential of social media entirely as a way to connect with customers and answer problems in seconds. XBOX has a team dedicated to customer problems on Twitter. It operates 24 hours a day and means there is ALWAYS someone available to quickly answer your question. No waiting, No crappy music, just good service removing the need for a complicated website revolved around customer service.

@XBOXSupport Twitter Account

News — inclusion of UGC (Twitter Images, tweets etc)

The inclusion of User Generated Content (UGC) from Twitter especially is a growing trend of News sites. You’ve all seen it, the story where they had no picture for themselves and embedded a Tweet into the article, right? Here’s an example:


Buzzfeed are a prime example of using the UCG such as Tweets to tell a story. This has allowed everyone to become a journalist and the ability to tell a story in their own way. Social media has changed the newsroom and more and more are organisations relying on others to tell the story.

Social media is putting increasing pressure on News Co-operations to break the story quicker. With a huge amount of users Twitter has, is it even possible for a news source to break it first anymore?

Social media has undoubtably changed the web. Better or worse, that’s for you to decide. Nevertheless the design and feel of the web has adapted to suit the growth and dependance that billions have using these few services.


Web Media Level 1. Ravensbourne.
Tom Sharman.
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