2016 US Election from my Perspective

Presidential Primaries 2016 Election (source: stopimage.com)

In my mind I thought that Ted Cruz was going to represent the Republican Party and Hillary Clinton was going to represent the Democrats.

The first time in my life that I get to see a presidential race between new candidates who has never been president before. Who thought it was going to be such a special election that could cause the divided in many families and friends. It was no different than political unrest in Vietnam, from name callings to lies, except that Vietnam does not have any debate that available to the public.

All I asked was why. Why do we need all this? Aren’t they just all want to represent and improve this nation with their leadership? Why don’t they just tell people about how they are planning to improve this nation?

I have always had a passion for politics since I came to the United States when I was twelve. I thought that politics could bring me closer to the people and that I can change lives. I wanted to improve the living quality, democracy and that everybody just being happy.

Ridiculous amount of money spent:

Everybody knows riot happened after the election. And everyone knows that Trump won the electoral vote; Clinton won the general election.

Does anybody ever mention how much money the candidates spent in campaigning for this office?

Republican-Donald Trump:

According to CNN, Trump raised $200,439,720.49 for his campaign and spent a total of $238,951,814.21 with $47,508,505.39 are the money that the campaign “borrowed” from him to run his campaign; he also donated $1,350,632.01 to the campaign.

Based off on CNN.com, Clinton raised $502,617,172.73 for her campaign and spent a total of $450,563,244.01. Also according to CNN, she contributed $8,599,568.25 to her campaign and her campaign did not have to borrow any money from her as opposed to Donald Trump’s campaign.

Trump Campaign Bus (Source: CBS19)
Trump and Hillary planes meet (The Sun)

Do we, Americans agree with the amount of money the two candidates from the major political party spent? Do they really need this much of money for their campaign?

They spent more money that they both add up the total amount of money they made during their entire life.

Are they even ran for president because they want to help this country? Or they want their own profit?

My thoughts on some candidates:

Rand Paul: A Republican candidate, he was a bit quiet and I thought that he had some good ideas that would really benefit the Americans. He is very much on the Democrats, but want to be independent and ran on the Republican side to get media attention.

John Kasich: The governor of Ohio, who proved himself qualify to be the president because he said that he improved things in Ohio. His greatest accomplishment was the adoption of Common Core into Ohio that everybody hates. He was supporting TPP, which is what I support because I think it would help the economy and improve human rights in many countries.

Chris Christie: The gentleman that I thought to be funny because all he wants was a job. I thought he was phony because how much Donald Trump criticized him and he criticized Trump but he still ended up supporting Trump because Trump promised him a job in the White House if he gets elected.

Donald Trump: The candidate that I thought was dividing the nation. He can say almost anything without even think about the name and title that he holds and how it can affect the country. Promised that single person who earned below $25, 000 a year would not have to pay any federal taxes, but after elected says that nobody gets an absolute tax cut (Saunders). Muslim comedian said that Eric Trump told him, “Come on man. You can’t believe everything you read. Do you really think we’re gonna do that?” (Wright).

Hillary Clinton: The candidate that I thought was good to support the working class, women, and education. She sometimes does not admit what she have done.

Bernie Sanders: An independent socialist who happened to run on the Democrats side. He was honest, but his ideas are beyond the reality of the world we live in. There is no way when he says that people receive all the benefits when they have little to no effort of supporting themselves. His taxes policy is too high.

Trump Campaign Bus (Source: CBS19)
Trump and Hillary planes meet (The Sun)

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