A warning from Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Stephen Hawking
Quincy Larson

Let’s agree to disagree.

The only reason we have low wage jobs is corporates being greedy and avoiding automation as it’s cheaper to exploit people. Yes, exploit!

Talk to a person who is working as a cashier or a warehouse worker; they job description is “It’s okay, needed to be done.” They would love not to do it if they could but THE system we have designed forces people. The system forces people to drop education and go and work as a cashier because what else can you do when suddenly you become a single mom with a kid to feed and rent to pay? The system forces those of us who finished education become corporate slaves and work for causes we don’t care about just to pay off our university debt.

We are wasting people’s lives on work which should be done by machines. Our bodies, our brains are not designed for monotonous work, and we keep trying to force them too. The truckers get all kind of health problems due to sitting all day in a truck; warehouse workers only want to come home and do nothing after a hard day at work — thus missing on mental development.

We need to change the system which forces people into working at the jobs and offers them a choice. A choice which we never had, even in USSR there was no choice, you were forced to work. A lot of artists never have time to develop as it’s not a proper job which generates money. Why do we need to FORCE someone to work?

Making everyone an engineer is not a solution. The whole thinking behind universal basic income is the ability to give people choice to do what they want to do, not being forced to become an engineer.

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