On Living In The Future

Future awaits

Time traveling is a fascinating concept we have been mesmerised with for over 150 years now, since The Time Machine by H.G.Wells. However, we have been trying to time travel long before the novel came out and is still doing it every day.

I wish

As small kids, we often dream of one time we grow up when school is done when one becomes an independent adult. The future of being an adult is so bright in our head that we carry on through childhood like it’s some massive chore we need to go through to become what we truly want to be.

Our shiny dreams

And so we do everything we can as children to live in the future.

Now, what happens when we grow up and realise those dreams, or don’t. We hit with the reality of being an adult and that it’s not that easy to become an astronaut or that we don’t want to be policemen after we see the actual work that is involved in being a police officer. Either way, when we finally reach that future we’ve been dreaming off, the sudden realisation hits us that it doesn’t look as dreamy.

So we try to escape into the future again:

  • We wait for 5 pm clock out so that we can go home from work we so craved -
  • We wait for the weekend so that we can finally enjoy our life
  • We wait for vacation
  • We wait for promotion — just a little bit more money, one more house, one more car, one more thing and we can stop working 14 hours per day and enjoy life
Keep waiting forever

And so we wait while our life passes. Just one more thing and we can start living in the present and have our dreams actualised. The trick is that the future is happening right now in the present. It’s never going to be enough, and there always will be more things to do, more dreams to achieve. Don’t get me wrong I don’t say to have beautiful dreams. Keep dreaming, keep creating visions of your future self. But after you are done with dreaming, come back to present to reality.

Be present with your friends when you talk to them instead of on your phone, be present with your family when you are having a conversation even if it’s just a Skype call, be present with your partner right here, right now.

Life happens, and we don’t notice how we waste it; misuse time with our friends by constantly interacting with other people in front of them on our phones. Your future is important, and it’s like a carrot in front of a mule

By focusing only on the carrot, we miss the most amazing thing which is happening on the sidelines — our life.