Why I left

Thanks for sharing and being open about your emotions. Very brave.

I do have one question to ask — have both of you in all those years stopped and looked at each other and explain to each other your raw emotions?

Have you told your partner that you are feeling that you have felt incomplete? Have you told your partner that you are seeing that they are not taking care of themselves ?

The reason I’m asking those questions is a simple one. Your feeling of incompletion is YOUR feeling. No one but you knows about it and no one but you is responsible for it.

And I know sometimes you tell your partner and they just DON’T HEAR you, they keep telling you that everything is alright and you are just trying to solve imaginary problems. Been there, done that…

Falling in love(hormones and subconsciousness) create short term relationship bond.. Communication is what creates foundation of long term relationship, communication of yourself — in being able to tell your partner that you are feeling disconnected when you don’t go together to bed, feeling undesired when they don’t want to take showers with you anymore… Because, otherwise the person on the other side just DOESN’T KNOW that it’s causing those feelings for you.