I’d always worried that not being turned on would disappoint my partner or make them feel undesirable, but I now realize that people generally aren’t offended if they know my sexual history and I have to stop being sexual.
Hey — thanks for this reply.
Emma Lindsay

This specific phrase does bring some memories for me.

With my last partner it was often the case of one of us would have a flashback experience and those moments… Those moments for me is a very special memory. When you can hold your partner going from lust to cry… I feel so trusted when my partner is able to be so honest and so vulnerable with me, for me it creates even stronger connection than just having sexual experience.

Being able to trust your partner and know that they can hold you in a moment of shame and just crawl into their lap and tremble there like a leaf. Trusting someone like that… gives me a feeling of safety.

My partner said this once:

“As a woman, I’m looking for a man who can hold me in my feminine and also be in touch with their feminine so that I can hold them in my masculine”
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