I completely agree with what you are saying about Boomers, here, but, since I have been studying…
Clint Irwin

Clint Irwin: Like Bernie, you make misdirected generalizations that target a group unfairly. Most of those who voted Republican never protested or demonstrated, or did anything to prevent the morass we currently are involved in. But it’s hardly a generational thing. It’s a class thing, an economic thing, truly a fault of unbridled capitalism — talk about entitlements, our military is the biggest entitlement and the most tragic, as millions of innocent people have died as a result of the overt and covert wars we have been fighting since WW II to maintain the hegemony of our power elite and the wealth of the 1/10 of 1 percent who own more than the bottom 90 percent. An increasing problem that has been continually growing during the last 50 years is the chemical industry that is destroying our environment and the pharmaceutical industry that is ruining our health — these are the culprits you and Bernie should be ranting about.