Bernie is a pig.
Clint Irwin

I was referring to the Bernie who wrote the boomer tirade, and yes I am much like the Bernie you attacked. Your voter data is based on those we used to refer to as the silent majority, those who are unaware of history, those who inherited the capitalist system and followed it without thinking because that’s just the way things were. It’s not their fault or mine, and I was never part of that group you savage. It’s a bit disingenuous to judge us as you have — who did you vote for, Hillary? She is one of those you are attacking, a boomer for sure, but not one who cared about making the world a better place, but to advance herself and her lust for power. The system is rotten but we didn’t create it and the hippies among us voted for McGovern and Carter, never Reagan. Statistics never tell the real story.