What The Hell Are We Going To Do About The Boomers?
Bernie Bleske

To Clint Irwin:

This is in response to your response to my response regarding your comment that Bernie Sanders is a pig.

I had to laugh Clint because that second response showed not only your ignorance of recent history but also of the tawdry history of the Clintons, perhaps the most corrupt politicians of the last half century. Hillary is the epitome of the type of person the other Bernie was attacking. And you, you dumb bleeping airhead voted for her … LOL

The boomers I knew were not part of the Silent Majority — they were the ones who accepted the war and voted for Nixon and Agnew. Not the millions of young people at that time, the boomers, who supported McGovern.

You are truly an ignorant fool because you base your knowledge on statistics. The movers and shakers of the boomer generation came out for civil, gender, and human rights. We helped to make great social changes that still are a work in progress. And we were ostracized and attacked for it. To the boomers I know, who wanted to change the world, Trump is a hideous phenomenon, not at all a product of the boomers but of the Yuppies who supported Reagan.

You have your history ass-backwards.