Why Marc Gasol Guessing that Pau Would Sign With The Spurs Means Marc Is Going To The Lakers

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The Gasol brothers have both been two of the most dominant big men in their own rights ever since they set foot in the NBA. These two Spaniards have proven that European stars can compete and excel at the NBA level. Pau, the older brother, is 35 years old entering free agency. While some NBA fans presume Marc to be the better of the two, Pau Gasol is still an elite big man.

At 35 years of age, he had a decline this year with a struggling Chicago Bulls team. Now keep in mind, a decline for Pau is the 16.5 points, 11.0 , 4.1 assists, and 2.0 blocks he averaged per game, all while maintaining a .47 field goal percentage! Needless to say, barring any injury, Pau has a lot left in the tank and would be a great asset for any contender. Many teams will attempt to sign Pau, but where will Pau choose?

John Martin covers the Memphis Grizzlies for 929ESPN and he had a chance to chat with Pau’s younger brother, who is also a free agent,

<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” data-lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Marc Gasol on Pau Gasol&#39;s future: &quot;If I had to guess — not that I&#39;ve talked to him about it — would be San Antonio.&quot;</p>&mdash; John Martin (@JohnMartin929) <a href=”https://twitter.com/JohnMartin929/status/724663653656469506">April 25, 2016</a></blockquote>
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This would be an incredible move for the Spurs and Pau Gasol. Gasol, a very humble, classy, and hardworking player, would fit right into the Spurs organization. His European style of basketball and passing ability as a big man fits right into head coach Gregg Popovich’s offensive system which focuses around ball movement and efficiency. The Spurs will be looking for an additional big man to either help Tim Duncan transition into retirement, or replace him. Its a move that makes sense for both parties. How could such a simple quote have a much deeper hidden interpretation? Hear me out.

Earlier this year, Marc Gasol had indicated that he’d still like the opportunity to play with his brother in Memphis. Perhaps Marc’s recent quote was some sort of indication that he didn’t plan on returning to the Grizzlies and was advising Pau on what’s best for him. I was able to interrupt that after thinking about it from a deeper prospective. There’s a chance there isn’t much to this and he simply was saying it because it makes sense. However, could Marc Gasol be joining Kevin Durant in Los Angeles? Maybe Pau has sour feelings towards LA and wouldn’t want to join his brother there? Don’t be surprised if that’s the case come this fall.

Kevin Durant has plenty of reasons to sign with LA, and so would Marc. The positions Los Angeles needs most is a center and small forward. Adding the second best of each position to a young roster of rising stars has dynasty written all over it. We all know Los Angeles is very capable of making dynasties happen. On the other hand, Memphis and Oklahoma city have both proven to be competitive playoffs teams, but not contenders. They both have coaching instabilities and the wrong cast around their franchise player. The last time we saw a scenario like this was in 2007, when Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen decided to team up in Boston. Boston’s big three had the same issue, great stars surrounded with the wrong teammates and wrong coach.

These moves often appear out of nowhere and seem unlikely. If you stopped to think about it in detail in 2006, you would have foreseen Ray Allen and the Big Ticket teaming up. Even though Marc indicated in the past that he had no interest in joining the Lakers, do not be surprised what a Kobe parade and Kevin Durant can do to a man’s decision making.

Marc Gasol and Kevin Durant will be wearing purple and gold this summer, you heard it here first.