Joining Forces with Frax Finance: A New Chapter in Our Journey

2 min readOct 20, 2023

In collaboration with Frax Finance, we are unveiling the USTP-FRAXBP liquidity pool on Curve Finance, a well-established decentralized exchange. This partnership introduces a remarkable opportunity for liquidity providers, enticing them with mining rewards distributed in CRV and TPS airdrop tokens. The opening APR is set at 50%, making participation in this initiative highly appealing.

Our USTP token, which serves as the bedrock of TProtocol’s lending ecosystem, brings new meaning to the term stablecoin. What sets USTP apart is its collateral, Matrixdock’s STBT, a security token backed 1:1 by short term US Treasury Bills and Reverse Repurchase Agreements. These are both widely recognized as two of the safest and most secure investment vehicles globally.

But that’s not all. USTP isn’t just a stablecoin; it’s a base yield that can be skillfully built upon across the DeFi space. Yielding an estimated 5% APY, it is a no-brainer as a stable means of wealth growth on-chain. As demonstrated with this pool, its composability opens doors to a world of innovative financial solutions, providing flexibility and versatility to holders.

On the other hand, FRAX is a decentralized stablecoin that achieves stability through a unique algorithmic mechanism that expands and contracts its supply in response to market demand. This ensures it remains close to its target price of one dollar. FRAX is widely used in DeFi and provides a stable medium of exchange and reliable store of value.

This collaboration exemplifies TProtocol’s unwavering commitment to advancing the DeFi ecosystem. By embracing RWA lending, we aim to pioneer new financial possibilities and empower our users with safe and secure investment choices. We are setting the standard for RWA lending protocols, bridging traditional finance with the world of DeFi.

For more details on this exciting partnership and to stay updated on the latest developments, we invite you to join our vibrant Discord community and follow us on Twitter. We look forward to connecting with you as we continue to innovate and lead the way in the world of DeFi.

Check out the pool for yourself:




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