why the “#Alllivesmatter” is actually supporting white supremacy and not really “uniting a divided country”

With all the overwhelming amounts brutalization that minorities have been getting from these police officers, who for years have claimed that their duty was to “protect and serve.” I think they forgot to say protect and serve everyone that is not black or hispanic. As someone who is black myself, it greatly offends me when someone of any race especially another black person says “all lives matter.”

Believe me I don’t hate white people because since I’m also half white, some of my family members on my moms side are white along with a few friends of mine especially since I live in Houston, which is astoundingly diverse. Yes some but not all white people are evil (ie: donald trump and Hilary Clinton) still the white community as a whole needs to stop acting like they are the ones being victimized and need to start getting their acts together and start considering what us minorities have to go through on a daily basis, thats why #blacklivesmatter and #hispaniclivesmatter are as big as they are now and will most likely be for a very long time.

Yes all lives matter but right now we as a planet need to be focusing on what blacks and minorities have to struggle with everyday in Ferguson or in Baltimore, Maryland. So when you say you support #alllivesmatter remember that when you are supporting this all lives matter movement you are really supporting not only white supremacy but also reverse racism.

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