5 Reasons to apply for Special Edition

1. Increase your ambition

One of our 2016 delegates said that before applying to Special Edition, she had never seen a programme that was looking for ‘ambitious’ women. As a result, she had always been subconsciously quite ashamed of her ambition, feeling the need to ‘hide’ it. Through open and collaborative workshops, coaching from world class trainers and access to industry leaders, Special Edition encourages you to accept your ambition, outline your goals and gives you the tools to actually achieve them. Previous delegates of the programme have secured major promotions and taken the leap to start their own companies, directly attributing their successes to the lessons learnt on Special Edition.

‘I’ve had a lot of really honest and open conversations since Special Edition about what I want, and have felt totally unapologetic about it — I’m so much better now at just knowing and expressing where I want to go and what I want from my employer to get there. It’s amazing!’
2016 Special Edition delegates visited the London Google Campus for a private meeting with a Senior Content Exec

2. Gain access to world-class training

Running across a period of six months, Special Edition offers formal training to boost your confidence, improve entrepreneurial skills, expand professional networks and progress your career in digital. We have a long track record of training some of the brightest minds in Scotland’s digital creative sector and know the best trainers, workshops and practices to maximise on results. There’ll be no David Brent style business training here… An ‘away day’ this is not!

‘Taking time out from your business is really hard to do, but that one day a month with TRC is some of the best time I’ve spent. I have a renewed confidence, I feel focused and in control and excited about the future.’

3. Broaden your horizons

Along with the five in-house training sessions, the programme also offers the opportunity to meet a host of the biggest and brightest disruptors of the digital world. TRC has been delivering world class training for 20 years, allowing us to forge lasting relationships and gain exclusive access to some of the biggest names in the biz. Previous Special Edition-ers have met with CEOs, founders, and even a Dame at companies including Google, Facebook, Soundcloud, Slack and Netflix, in locations ranging from the tech super hub of Silicon Valley to European hubs of Berlin and Amsterdam.

‘The biggest confidence boost was in the trip — meeting all of those amazing women and realising that they were trying to solve the same kinds of problems that I’m trying to solve, and thinking about it in really similar ways. I realised — I can totally do this!’
Special Edition 2015 delegates visiting the Slack offices in Silicon Valley

4. Share your knowledge

Special Edition isn’t just an investment in you, but in your company. You might be heading up your own business (or thinking about it), be leading on a key project or looking to make important changes in your workplace. Everyone takes away something different from the programme: whether that be learning to effectively handle a difficult conversation with a client or having a lightbulb moment after a meeting at Google and completely changing the management structure of your company (it has happened, believe us!)

‘The confidence from the programme overall has helped me push for a few big structural changes and I’m getting great reception from the executive team about it — which is very exciting!’
Special edition 2013 delegates gained insights about the inner workings of Skype

5. Gain a lasting support network

In one of our London meetings in 2016, a wise woman said “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.” Special Edition gives you the unique opportunity to learn and share with your peers in a confidential and supportive environment, with the support of TRC and our industry funders. By participating in a TRC course you’ll be added to our impressive list of course alumni and have a support network with you every step of the way.

‘Special Edition is a unique chance to reflect on your career to date, ambitions moving forward and to learn skills to help you realise those ambitions. In addition, it’s a wonderful chance to meet some fascinating and inspiring people that I hope will turn into a support network for life.’

Special Edition applications are now open and will close on Monday 2nd July 2018. Find out more about the programme and apply now over on the TRCmedia website.

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