TRG Hires Executive Team for TR UK

When Team Rubicon UK (TR UK) deployed to Nepal in response to the April 2015 earthquake, it did so in its nascent stage. Deploying alongside Team Rubicon USA (TR USA), the response validated the “network effect” we hypothesized during the design phase of TRG. Our team understood that Team Rubicon country units possessed unique cultural advantages over each other, especially when it came to language and geography. This proved true in Nepal when TR UK deployed Nepalese Gurkhas, soldiers from Nepal who served in the British Army. The result, said TR USA’s Incident Commander: “We couldn’t have done this mission without TR UK”.

British ex-forces and Nepalese Gurkhas supporting Operation: Tenzing in Nepal

The success of the Nepal operation put TR UK in the spotlight and made the hunt for its CEO a priority. After an exhaustive executive search, I’m proud to announce that the trustees of TR UK have hired

John Leach to be the CEO. John comes to us from the international disaster relief organization, ShelterBox, Intl., where he served as Director of Operations. John’s experience in the Royal Marines and as a charity executive made him the ideal candidate for the challenge.

Team Rubicon UK supporting Operation: Tenzing in Nepal

“I’m proud to join Team Rubicon UK as its first CEO”, John said, “As a former Royal Marine with a career in disaster response, I’m passionate about providing the gold standard of support to families affected by disaster and a sense of purpose for ex-forces. I’m confident TR UK will improve the lives of those affected by catastrophe while enabling us to change conversations and shift perspectives in a positive, empowering way for UK ex-forces”.

In addition to John Leach, Team Rubicon UK hired Simon Clarke to be its new Director of Field Operations. Simon is British Army ex-forces, and joined TR UK from the International Rescue Committee (IRC), where he served as Deputy Emergency Field Director.

In the nearly 6 months after its first deployment to Nepal, excitement and support for TR UK is growing. Please join me in welcoming these individuals to the TR family.

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