Made It To Blockchain App Stores is a blockchain-based travel service platform developed by TRIP Limited. Released on May 15, was one of the striking landing applications that token economy empowered. On, users have access to hotel, flight and train reservation ran on the blockchain and it is available to two mainstrain payment methods of Alipay and Wechat payment. When received the TRIP tokens, you are able to trade them on the international cryptocurrency market through Coinyee exchange (symbol: TRIP). The latest reading of TRIP token is ¥9.8/TRIP. torrential airdrop is online! aspires to build itself a user-owned travel service platform, overthrowing the traditional business model for tourism. Thanks to token mechanism, relation of productions renews, for every “user” has the paralleled identity of “owner”. Right now, the torrential airdrop feast is hot on the internet table, 200K TRIP giveaway can be enjoyed by every netizens. Besides, registry reward of 2 TRIP and the plus of 4 referral reward of 4 TRIP are your special perks in the first place. The bombshell is really about getting money back whenever you complete an order with the percentage being 10%. Furthermore, benefits its users by repurchasing TRIP token and redistributing among them as a way of dividend sharing.

As far as blockchain has witnessed, a multiplicity of decentralized applications have done their jobs to penetrate the various markets worldwide., confronted with the world’s most fierce competition, sparkled and rooted in token economy. Instead of sprinkling across the industrial chains,’s stickiness has won her 200K users and reputation among industry participants. From its inception, the ecosystem raised and built by has received business cooperation intentions from multiple parties and teams, some of which are now fully engaged with us in strategic cooperation and mutual benefit. You can have access to our App on App Store and Google Play.

It was celebrated by many that has worked along blockchain app stores, Biyongbao and Beestore to launch on these groundbreaking platforms. lives up to its goal of world wide participation and engagement by taking the first but utmost important step. It is also recognized as a far-sighted advance in inter-project linkage on the blockchain.

Mutual advance and forward

On the one hand, desires to go viral by launching on giant traffic platforms, creating chances and conditions for app popularity and further promotion. Biyongbao and Beestore whereas are in need of quality applications to fill the tank catering to multidimensional demands. The cooperation between the two parties sheds light on their future and a brand new business model; On the other, is our foray into the public consumption with the very idea of token economy, adding a worth-trying option to investors’ list. The blending of two facilitates the integration of blockchain resources and user experience. Exposure and traffic thus come affiliates to their cooperation. will relentlessly undertake to lay out the ecosystem and more business cooperation with various development teams behind to strengthen our capabilities.

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