WIN A FREE TRIP — strikes “Free Trip” deal with you! Plus TRIP token! is a blockchain-based travel service platform developed by TRIP LIMITED targeting the market niche of token economy. It was officially launched on May 15 in China and soon became world’s first application being activated and functioning offline. Trip concentrate service on Return Per Order, expanding scope of business into hotel, flight and train ticket reservation. Each and every registered users will with least delay receive 2 TRIP token as reward. Plus a 10% return per order, Trip dedicates continuous effort to better serve our users. TRIP token is tradable on Coinyee, one of the leading crypto exchanges world wide and as of now it was exchanged at over ¥7.00 on Coinyee. And the big boom is here: “Free Trip” giveaway travel campaign is enabled!

Ø How to participate:

1. Subscribe to our Wechat Account: Trip08

2. Partake the luck draw through “origin” inlets on our latest post on Wechat

3. Follow the rules and claim your reward!

Ø Bonus to claim

1. ¥10,000 giveaway to claim

2. ¥6,000 giveaway to claim

3. ¥3,000 giveaway to claim

4. ¥1,000 giveaway to claim

5. ¥500 giveaway to claim

6. ¥300 giveaway to claim

7. ¥35 giveaway to claim

Extra Bonus:

Forward the post to your Wechat Comments and got 5 likes from your friends, you will be qualified for 5,000 giveaway TRIP(100 users split). Nov 9 will be our announcement time for winners. Exchange rate is subject to TRIP price rate on Coinyee of the prior day (close price).


Sept 14 — Nov 8 2018 has all interpretations to this giveaway campaign. All rights reserved.

For contact:

Official website:

Official Wechat Account: Trip008

QQ Group: 876381939