TRONSCAN Supporting Plan for Promoting Validated Contracts

Nov 19, 2019 · 2 min read

TRONSCAN will provide support to promote contracts validated via TRONSCAN. This move will make TRON ecosystem more transparent and prosperous.

The first 10 contracts validated through TRONSCAN from today will be promoted to all users on our official website and social media platforms, reaching potential project clients. Besides, TRONSCAN will enable users to view verified contracts prior to others.

Limited places only. Click here to verify your contracts! Once validated, please click the link below to ask for promotion support from TRONSCAN:

What’s this feature about?

Contract deployment means uploading the smart contract code you compiled to the blockchain network.
After uploading the smart contract file, you are able to compile and deploy your smart contract on TRONSCAN.

Contract validation means checking whether the contract code you compiled is identical with the one on the chain, if identical, you can make the code public for user reference.
By uploading the smart contract file, you can validate your contract on TRONSCAN.

Why deploying contracts on TRONSCAN?

As the largest block explorer within the TRON ecosystem, the full-featured TRONSCAN offers a variety of APIs and compiler versions, making it cheaper and more efficient to deploy contracts on it.

Here are the compiler versions supported by TRONSCAN:

Additionally, TRONSCAN has a great number of users who may well try out DApps, which allows developers to reach potential users as fast as possible.

Why validating contracts?

Validating contracts helps boost the transparency and credibility of contracts.

TRONSCAN will display codes of contracts to users in a transparent manner and allow users to read the contracts after they are validated. In this way, users will have a thorough understanding of the contracts.

Unlike unvalidated contracts, the validated ones will have a special mark so as to gain users’ trust and improve their adoption.


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